Causes of Chin Pain during Exercise

Updated at: Dec 24, 2012
Causes of Chin Pain during Exercise

Do you experience pain in your jaw while exercising? Learn about all the possible causes for chin pain during exercise.

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PainWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Dec 17, 2012

Causes of Chin Pain during Exercise

If you experience chin pain during exercise, reason for it is either direct or indirect. Direct pain of chin is the pain originating/caused by factors right at or near chin. The reason of chin pain reason could be indirect as well, which indicates that something is not right in the body. Indirect pain will be absent until exertion or until circulation activity inflames the injury site.


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Listed below are the some of the reasons why one experience chin pain during exercise.

  • Clenched teeth: Some individuals have a tendency to clench their teeth together when they do any physical work. Doing this for a longer duration exerts pressure on the gums as well as on the nerves beneath your teeth. It may turn out to be a condition of bruxism, where sufferers gnash their teeth together without realising it. Clenching during exercise tightens your jaw causing  chin pain.
  • Angina: A medical condition which is characterised by the lack of oxygenated blood supply to the heart. Physical exercises make your circulatory system work hard in order to pump blood to your heart. In case of failure to meet with the demand, angina may be the cause and often develops into jaw pain. If the pain of jaw spreads further to chest, you must visit your physician immediately and get yourself checked.
  • Heart attack: If you don't exercise regularly and are overweight, a sudden exercise could put too much pressure on your heart. If jaw pain is spreading from chin to the chest or shoulders, this could be an indication of a heart attack.
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia: Damage of the trigeminal neuralgic, a nerve that runs along the side of your head, may cause sharp pain in the jaw. The condition triggers pain to the chin, even with the softest movements. In most cases, trigeminal neuralgia pain stays on one side of the face and may reach cheek or nose.
  • Sinus: If you are having discomfort on the upper jaw, it may be related to your sinuses.
  • Incorrect running posture: Running should be done in a flexible posture, as a poor running posture may cause jaw pain.


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  • Abscess: An infection or developing abscess may be the reason behind your chin pain.  
  • Oral problems: Chin pain could be a result of cavities in the molars, or an impacted wisdom tooth.
  • Excess creatine: The condition of overabundance of creatine in your body may contribute to dehydration, which further leads to muscle aches that could affect the muscles in the hinge of your jaw.

If you are unsure of the chin pain cause, you need to be watchful of it. See a doctor if discomfort persists for a long duration.


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