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Causes of Brain Cancer Recurrence

Causes of Brain Cancer Recurrence

Causes of Brain Cancer RecurrenceThe removal of brain cancer cells does not always signify that cancer has been treated in entirety. Some brain cancer tumours are removed surgically, while others require aggressive treatment for removal. Also, sometimes it is not possible to remove the tumour owing to potent health threats. In these cases, doctor put in their efforts to shrink the tumour. However, despite their best efforts, brain cancer tumour can return.

Recurrent Brain Tumour


  • Brain cancer recurrence implies malignant cells regeneration, which usually occurs as a result of inefficient treatments pursued in the past. Previous treatments may have suffered because of the positioning of brain tumour in the sensitive brain region.[Read: Brain Cancer and Mental Health]
  • Bain tumour can also recur due to the overall weakness of immune system that is not able to restrict malignant cell growth. Depleted immunity is not only linked to formation of tumours in previously treated areas but there recurrence could be in the form of polyps or malignant cells in adjacent areas.
  • Benign as well as malignant brain tumour can recur after being treatment once. The brain tumour treated with radiation or chemotherapy. [Read: Best Treatments for Cancer]

The recurrence of brain tumour can’t be predicted. So, it is advisable to go for follow-up appointments indefinitely, usually MRI imaging, to make sure it is not recurring.

Signs of Recurrent Brain Tumour

The symptoms of a brain tumour recurrence are similar to those of the initial tumour. Following are indicative of recurrence of brain cancer:

Headaches – The most prominent sign of recurring brain tumour is persistent headaches, which is termed as ‘classic brain tumor headache’. The headache is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, which becomes severe in the morning. If a tumour is recurring, headache medications rarely help reduce pain caused by swelling in the brain.

Seizures – Brain cancer patients experiencing seizers after being operated for brain tumour once are at risk of brain tumour recurrence. The seizures could be small to go unnoticed or could be larger to be felt with touch.  An odd smell or having a strange feeling is sure indication of recurrent brain tumour. The seizure of tumour recurrence can result in  patient losing consciousness. The seizure occurring after removal or regression of a brain tumour indicates that the tumour has recurred.

Neurological Dysfunction – An individual loses ability to perform basic daily task or loses certain skills. He may find it difficult to remember things or stammer while speaking. In all, the, sensory functions such as taste, smell and vision will be affected. As a result, individual encounter problems with balancing, brushing teeth, showering, dressing and walking.


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Written by
Himanshu Sharma
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamAug 29, 2012

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