Causes of Brain Cancer in Children

Updated at: Jun 26, 2012
Causes of Brain Cancer in Children

Causes of brain cancer in children: Brain cancer is caused by genetic factors and exposure to certain toxic substances.

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CancerWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jun 20, 2012

Causes of Brain Cancer in Children

The most common tumours that develop in children are brain tumours. Children of all ages have been found to be affected with these. Boys are affected a little more than girls every year. There can be primary or secondary brain tumours. Primary are the ones that develop in the brain while the cancerous tumours that travel to the brain from any other body part are called secondary tumours. This is also known as cerebral metastases. As far as the causes of brain cancer in children is concerned, there is no definite answer from the doctors. They say that the research is ongoing to find out about them.

Although the real cause of brain cancer is not known, medical professionals are aware of the process by which it develops.

  • Some abnormalities in the genes lead to uncontrolled growth of cells and cause cancer. Choromosome rearrangements also lead to such abnormalities of the genes.
  • Certain genetic conditions such as neurofibromatosis, Li-Fraumeni syndrome, von Hippel-Lindau disease and retinoblastoma also lead to this disease because they cause those alterations in the genes or chromosomes. These genetic conditions can be inherited by the parents and the kids can go on to develop brain cancer.
  • There can be increased risk of development of tumours of the central nervous system in children who have a family history of the same. However, some reports have also shown the development of brain cancer in children who had no family history of the same.Some research has investigated the parents of children who have brain tumours.
  • Some chemicals may change the structure of a gene that protects the body from diseases and cancer. Workers in oil refining, rubber manufacturing, and chemists have a higher incidence of certain types of tumors. Which, if any, chemical toxin is related to this increase in tumors is unknown.
  • Children who have received radiation therapy to the head as part of prior treatment for other malignancies are also at an increased risk for new brain tumours. Malignant primary brain tumours are most likely to cause problems by causing pressure and damage to the areas around them and possibly by spreading to the normal brain tissue close by.

Although the real cause of brain cancer is not known, there is a lot of information gathered through variuos studies which tell you about the risk. Based on this, various preventive and precautionery measures can be taken to deal with the possibility of the disease occurance.


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