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Causes of Blood after Sex during Pregnancy

Causes of Blood after Sex during Pregnancy

Causes of Blood after Sex in Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, she is overwhelmed by several things, such as sufficient amount of exercise, avoiding different kinds of foods that are potentially dangerous for pregnancy and proper nutrition. This is, for first time mothers, an even more overwhelming experience for they tend to worry about whether the baby is developing as it should; if they are at a risk of miscarriage, etc. For all these reasons, seeing blood after having sex during pregnancy is likely to induce panic, but that really shouldn’t be a reason for worry because blood after sex is harmless and normal.


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When a woman is pregnant, the cervix become vascular causing the blood supply in it to increase tremendously. Several times, the new blood vessels come close to the surface of the cervix, causing the penis to bump into it and generate friction during sexual intercourse. Having been bumped into, the fragile blood vessels may bleed a little, thereby resulting in spotting soon after sex, which may last for several hours.


Post-sexual intercourse bleeding does not imply danger. The kind of bleeding i.e. vaginal or cervical, however, may be difficult to find out. Therefore, it is important for a pregnant woman to consult a doctor as soon as she spots bleeding after sex. While it is okay to ignore spots of blood, it is mandatory to consult a doctor if there is large amount of blood.


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After noticing blood after sex, a woman must check with the doctor to confirm if the bleeding is cervical. Cervical bleeding at the time of pregnancy is normal. Even though it may be okay to assume that sexual intercourse causes some amount of spotting, one must not disregard consulting a doctor completely as that is likely to put the woman at a risk of complications.  


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According to MayoClinic, a woman must avoid having sexual intercourse if she has experienced bleeding even before having sex. Some conditions during pregnancy may be exacerbated by sexual intercourse. Bleeding post sexual intercourse is only harmful if the woman was bleeding even before having sex. If there was bleeding before sex, which worsened after the intercourse, there is something more serious that the woman may be suffering from.

A lot of pregnant women wonder if intercourse can make the cervix to open and cause premature labour and delivery. This, experts suggest, is a misconception as the uterine contractions that are caused due to orgasm during sex is different from the urine contractions when the baby is about to deliver.


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Written by
Bhadra Kamalasanan
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamFeb 26, 2013

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