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Causes of Acne Vulgaris

Skin Care By Aditi Dasgupta , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Apr 13, 2011
Causes of Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris can be caused due to an unhealthy lifestyle or allergy to certain foods or medication. Read on to find out what is giving you pimples.

Have you been diagnosed with Acne Vulgaris lately and you can’t stop wondering why did it happen to you?

Causes of acne vulgarisWell, there are various causes of the unsightly pimples one gets. Some of them are listed below:
•    The causes of Acne vulgaris depend on several factors especially pertaining to a condition to which the skin grows allergic to. These include pollution, clogged pores, and excessive production of oil from sebaceous glands, blockage of pilosbaceous ducts, hormonal imbalances and intake of contraceptives, emotional and physical stress and androgen stimulation.

•    Over-the-counter drugs such as cortisones, corticotrophin, isoniazid, corticosterolds, medicines containing high cobalt content and halothane, trigger reactions in the skin in the form of Acne Vulgaris.

•    People having acute cases of acne should consult a skin specialist and discuss in detail about their individual drug history. The detection of the right cause in case of Acne Vulgaris stands crucial to avoid complications.

•    Excessive use of cosmetics also makes the skin prone to acne. One must choose a make-up brand carefully because some skin types are non-receptive to heavy oils or greasy make-up.

•    Exercise caution and avoid oil based foundations, creams and lotions. Use lead-free make-up and a toner while removing the make-up for best results.

•    Avoid wearing tight clothing especially during summers. The skin, not being able to perspire properly, clogs the pores leading to acne. This is precisely why people complain about acne attacks on the back.

•    Apart from that, always wear a layer of cotton before wearing woollens during winters, in order to heal the acne on the back. Wool, rubbing against the skin for a longer period of time causes Acne Vulgaris.

•    Another cause of this form of acne is hyperalimentation. Hyperalimentation is a condition when people tend to over eat a particular variety of food over a period of time to compensate for past deficiencies. Dermatologists have often found this to be problematic for the skin as this activates the hormonal levels to a great extent making it difficult for the skin to register a change in the eating habits of the person. 

•    Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause acne to flare up. This is mostly evident in countries having a tropical climate or countries near the equator.

•    Women experience acne breakouts on their skin just before the beginning of their menstrual cycle. During this period, hormones become hyperactive leading to acne. 

•    Such an overstimulation produces excessive oil and clogs pores easily causing Acne Vulgaris. The same thing is experienced in boys when they attain puberty.

•    Many people have a family history of Acne Vulgaris, making this disease almost hereditary.

•    Exfoliating the skin excessively damages the soft cell tissues located in the upper layer of the skin causing acne.

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