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Cannes: The real harm of wearing high heels

Fashion & Beauty By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 22, 2015
Cannes: The real harm of wearing high heels

While Cannes film festival may have been metaphorically blown up for gender inequality in its Flatgate controversy, we here are up for all those women who wish to chase away the no-flat theory. We are up for a heel-free red carpet, ladies!

Come May and there is an anxious awakening to tune into the Cannes Film Festival all over the world. Forget the blazing summer; it is the Elysium for all things lustfully luxurious that meets every pseudo fashionista's dream. Cannes film festival being the mother of all great film festivals, it appears, attracts more fashion than films. Take your own case, do you know of all the competing films any more than what Aishwarya Rai Bacchan and Sonam Kapoor wore on the Red Carpet?


Cannes fats vs heels controversy

So, when the flat vs. heel controversy sparked the red carpet ablaze, there is no doubt you had your eyes popped to follow the course of celeb-backed arguments and consequent damage control by the Cannes' representatives. Amidst all this hoola-boola of fingers pointing at many ironical facets of the film festival is a very important point, that high heels are actually terrible.


Lower back pain

When high heels were created, they were meant to serve the purpose of elegance and fashion and not health. Because they give a lot less support to the feet, the balls of the feet are constantly under the pressure of the rest of the body’s weight. Your nerves may also become stressed in the lower back as a result of the odd posture.


Foot pain

foot pain after wearing heelsAs mentioned earlier, the balls of your feet have to bear the weight of your entire body and this can put you in considerable amount of pain later. Walking on the balls of the feet also leads to discoloration and soreness around the area, which tends to remain for a while.


Sore calves

When you wear high heels after a long time, calves of your feet start to feel the nerves pinching like needles. This feeling is medically referred to as soreness in the calves. Moreover, the veins in the calf area also stick out because of a lot of stress that is being put on them and more often than not, these veins do not go back in. Would you barter permanently unsightly legs for a few hours of elegance?


An altered curve of the spine

When you wear heels, the lower back takes an even more arched appearance as opposed to the one when you are wearing flats. Also, to sashay around in pretty heels, your spine has to sway in an unnatural way too and this can adversely stress the lumbar erector spinae muscle, result in sore lower back.



Osteoarthritis in womenThe knee is the largest joint in the body that is programmed to take a licking once in a while but when it has to bear the body’s weight for most of the day, it can wear and tear easily and faster, leading to osteoarthritis, one of the most painful joint bone conditions.

If wearing heels is unavoidable, make sure you consider safety tips such as wearing them for not more than a couple of hours at a stretch, taking them off from time to time and doing a few under-the-table feet exercises, etc.


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