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Cancer is Not Deadly if Detected Early

Cancer is Not Deadly if Detected Early
Quick Bites
  • Early diagnosis helps the outlook
  • More time means better treatment
  • Patients may survive significantly longer

We all know the treatment of cancer requires time, effort and lot of money. But early detection of cancer can play a major role in increasing the chances of full recovery from cancer. Here is why it is crucial to go for regular checkups and screening tests to diagnose cancer at an early stage:

world cancer day

Bowel Cancer

Diagnosis of bowel cancer in early stage increases chances of survival for more than 5 years.

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Breast Cancer

Did you know more than 90 percent of women who were diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage were able to survive for at least 5 years more as compared to those who were diagnosed with cancer at the advanced stage?
Ovarian cancer

Just like breast cancer, women who were diagnosed at an early stage of ovarian cancer had lived for 5 more years as compared to those who were diagnosed with the most advanced stage of cancer.

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Lung Cancer

Researchers have found that early diagnosis of lung cancer can allow most of the patients to live at least a year longer.

Early diagnosis not only helps with the outlook thus increasing the chances of survival, it also allows ample time to figure out the best suitable treatment for the patient.

Steps for Prevention

  • Stop smoking (active and passive) and intake of alcohol to prevent lung, head and neck cancers
  • Avoid high fat and rich foods, eat whole grains, fruits and fresh vegetables to prevent cancer of breast, prostate and colon
  •  Exercise to stay healthy
  • Avoid exposure to household solvent cleaners, cleaning fluids and paint thinners, pesticides,  fungicides and other chemicals to avoid lung cancer
  • Avoid multiple sex partners to avoid cancer of cervix
  • Avoid direct sunlight in summers to avoid skin cancers
  • Get screening tests like the Pap smears, mammograms, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and digital rectal examinations (DREs) for secondary prevention

Steps for Early Diagnosis

  • Each and every individual should do self-examination once a month
  • Each and every individual visiting his / her doctor for any ailment should get screened for cancer
  • Annual cancer check-up should be done at cancer hospitals
  • Suspected cancer cases should be investigated urgently to confirm or rule out cancer

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