Can Meditation Cure Health Problems?

Updated at: Aug 01, 2011
Can Meditation Cure Health Problems?

Meditation has a positive impact on health problems but it takes some time. Meditation can help in the cure of health problems if it is practiced regularily and with a strong determination to overcome all obstacles.

Pratima Sharma
Mind BodyWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Jun 24, 2011

With stress becoming an omnipresent factor in everyone’s lives today, chronic health problems are making their presence felt. There is a quest for non-medicinal, natural ways of treatment which cure without any apparent side effects. This is precisely the reason why many of us have resorted to the ancient techniques of yoga and meditation. Simply putmeditation is an art to improve your concentration and put your ever-thinking and agitated state of mind to rest. As you meditate, the mind relaxes by attaining a sense of supreme consciousness and is transported to a different world. However, the correlation between meditation and health problem needs to be understood in greater depth.


Besides relieving stress and restoring the balance of the mind, meditation techniques play a pivotal role in curing several health problems as well. So the answer to questions such as – Can meditation cure health problems— is a reassuring “yes”.  In order to establish a positive correlation between meditation and health problems, one needs to practice the various techniques with complete dedication and concentration, over a period of time. Whether meditation can cure health problems or not, totally depends on how persistent you are in your efforts and how well you master the techniques with accuracy.


Meditation and Health Problems: Noticeable Changes


In order to understand how meditation and health problems relate to each other, you need to observe the positive changes brought about by practising meditation, which in turn would help in curing diseases. Some such noticeable changes are listed below:


  • Meditation helps in reducing the heart rate of the body and increase the rate of blood flow in the circulatory system. A reduced heart rate helps in dealing with anxiety related disorders. Enhanced blood flow ensures that all the organs of the body receive their required blood supply and function in a healthy manner.
  • Meditation is known to play a key role in reversing molecular and genetic structures, when practiced over time. Therefore, regular sessions might also help you in combating genetic disorders which have been persistent.
  • Meditation helps in reducing muscle tension by relaxing the overall body and mind, thus playing a major role in relieving muscle and joint related pains.
  • Meditation is also known to reverse mental illnesses by relaxing the mind and senses. It helps deal with mental problems which have a violent streak.
  • The other connection between meditation and health problems is related to the production of serotonin. Mediation helps in enhancing the levels of serotonin which in turn combat problems such as obesity, headaches, depression, insomnia etc.
  • Meditation also helps in reducing the occurrence of panic attacks, which can otherwise emerge as a serious problem. Meditation also helps in reducing the levels of blood lactate in the blood stream.


Therefore, the correlation between meditation and health problems is definitely a curative one. All that’s needed is dedication and unflinching persuasion from your end, till desirable results are achieved. Remember, it’s always easy to pop pills for cure, but meditation's holistic health benefits will require some patience..

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