Can Diabetics Eat Snacks?

Updated at: Nov 14, 2012
Can Diabetics Eat Snacks?

Can diabetics eat snack foods – We often associate snacking with eating foods high in sugar or added fats. When such snacks are eaten by diabetics, they can alleviate blood sugar levels, worsening the complications. The upside to this is tha

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Can Diabetics Eat Snacks

When it comes to snacking, the first thing that strikes our mind are the fatty and sugary desserts. Despite of a limited choice of snack foods, diabetics must pick them wisely and those that give them an energy boost. Snacks that diabetics can eat include whole grain snackers, fruits, nuts, vegetables, etc.


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Snack Foods for Diabetes

Nuts: When you are craving a snack but want to ensure that it doesn’t alleviate your blood sugar levels, grab a handful of nuts. Almonds, peanuts, cashews and walnuts have healthy monounsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol and ensure that blood sugar levels are intact.

Whole-grain crackers with peanut butter: This snack provides more protein and carbohydrates to fill one up with energy without making blood sugar rise.

Raw veggies: Carrots, cucumbers, broccoli crowns, grape tomatoes and cauliflower are some healthful snacking options for diabetics. These may be combined with non-fat yoghurt, black bean salsa and a light salad dressing.


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Vegetable salad: A vegetable salad that has black beans, tomatoes and other veggies is laden with proteins and fibre that help stabilise blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and curb cravings.

A non-starchy vegetable soup: A vegetable soup of spinach, onion, beans and celery is not just filling but also low in carbohydrates.

Apple: A whole apple is an excellent filling food for diabetics, which has 3 grams of soluble fibre that helps lower cholesterol. Moreover, it is laden with antioxidants to fight free radicals.

Fruits: Frozen grapes and peeled bananas are a healthful diabetes snack. Eating 20 red seedless grapes provides ample energy to feel satiated only after consuming as few as 100 calories. A fruit smoothie is another snack a diabetic can smack lips with when his/her stomach rumbles.


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Low-fat or cottage cheese: Low-fat string cheese is rich in sugar-steadying protein and prevents surge in blood glucose levels. Similarly, cottage cheese contains protein that helps stabilise blood sugar besides curbing hunger pangs.

All the aforementioned snacking options are low in fat and calories and ensure that diabetics have all the energy they need. Regardless of what diabetics choose as a snack, the key to controlling blood glucose and avoiding weight gain is portion-size control. In order to overcome frequent hunger pangs, it is important to know the portion-sizes beforehand.

If you are confused about what to snack on, it is recommended that you discuss the various snack options with a doctor or a registered dietician.

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