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Bringing Kamasutra back into the Bedroom

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 23, 2013
Bringing Kamasutra back into the Bedroom

Kamasutra is India's gift to the world, the gift that defines love making. Before you shy away, try to know about it, and get it back into your bedroom.

Kamasutra is much revered in the west, and everyone seems to want to lay their hands on it, but in India, where Kamasutra was born, it is entirely different. The book that is India’s gift to the world unfortunately does not find a place on the book shelves of an Indian drawing room. When having sex, you could instill the virtues of Kamasutra; the book has sixty four positions mentioned in it, far beyond what you can ever imagine. It must have immense value in your sex life, don’t you think so?

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The Talk

If you are thinking of bringing the Kamasutra stylisation of sex into your life, you must at first be prepared to reveal this to your partner.  You must try if you want any of the ancient wisdom to play in your life. Start with the topic of ancient Indian wisdom, and the old mythologies, then move to the Vedas, and slowly take a turn to reach where no one dares to go out of fear. After you have brought up this topic, dwell on it, and have a talk. Try and ask your partner if the two of you can experiment with Kamasutra positions.

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The Positions

There are many positions in Kamasutra and some of them could be Herculean tasks, and therefore, you must try the easy ones first. Here are five easy ones for you:

  • The Scissor Position: The woman lies down on her back, and the man kneels in front of her. The man will then hold the woman’s legs wide at the ankles and then penetrate. The position is good as it allows the man to penetrate deeply into the woman, and can be highly stimulating for the man. The woman can place a cushion beneath her hips so as to feel comfortable
  • Tonkin Delight Position: In this position, the woman lies on her back bending her knees and opening her legs. The man will slide in between the legs and lift her hips so as to allow penetration. This is a good position for the man to reach over to the woman’s abdomen and caress and kiss her there
  • The Scandinavian Position: This position has the man lying down and the woman kneeling astride him. She has her back facing him. The man will hold her waist and thrust, she will slide up and down on him too. This position is such that it allows the woman’s bare hands to play with the man’s scrotum.
  • The Beat Position: This position is a better version of the missionary position.  The woman lies with her legs wide open and then the man places a cushion beneath her hips to tilt the vagina and allow deeper penetration. The man then goes on top of her and penetrates her. This position is very intimate and allows the couple to caress and hug each other.

You may start with these and then go on to more challenging positions. For a proper set up, you must decorate your room with flowers and spray perfume. Make it worth the while!

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