Breast Cancer Myths and Facts

Updated at: May 22, 2012
Breast Cancer Myths and Facts

Breast Cancer Myths and Facts: Take a look at informative information on Breast Cancer Myths and Facts. Prevent breast cancer by acting after having the correct information about it.

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Breast Cancer Myths and FactsMyth: Breast Cancer lump is always cancerous

This is one of the most widely circulated myth and women, as they grow older shiver with fear on discovering a breast lump. While there are those women who love to live in denial and think that cancer can perhaps never happen to them. Such a close-ended approach is not right because a lump which might not have been cancerous earlier could become lethal later on.


Breast lumps become cancerous in older women who have gone through menopause. But, if lump is not cancer then it could be a cyst, fibroadenoma or a blood clot. Moreover, lumps might develop due to hormonal changes. But, whichever the case might be lumps must be evaluated and not left unattended.


Myth: Delay visits to the doctor, do it later


Fact: This is the worst mistake a woman could possibly make. The older you are, the better it is that you get yourself evaluated by your health care provider, especially if you’ve spotted the lump. Your health care provider might ask you to watch it over a couple of months if you’re still menstruating. The reason being – cysts can change with menses.

For older women, it is an unwise decision to wait and watch because they are have already been through the menopause and lumps are very unlikely to change due to hormonal influence.

In either case, however, if you notice a lump, immediately report to your doctor. Doctors might tell you to wait and watch but never do it at your own discretion. They should not take it as a cyst which would go on its own.


Myth: Cancerous lumps are different from non-cancerous lumps


Fact: There is not much of a difference one can spot between how a cancerous and non cancerous lump would feel. Cysts are often round and smooth if near the surface. But if they are deep then they can be scary as they push the breast tissue forward. So do not wait and take second guesses. Just go and see a doctor if you find any lump. Detecting breast lumps is far easier so why take a risk.


Myth: Do not worry about small breast cancer lumps


Fact: Cancer usually presents itself in a small form. But, remember that in breast cancer, lump size matters – either big or small. You must never dismiss a small lump as a cyst.


Women who have breast cancer may have breast lumps that might vary in size, that is, from peas to cherries to grapefruits. In fact the lumps detected through mammograms can be extremely small.


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