Breakups Hurt Men More than Women

Updated at: Mar 05, 2013
Breakups Hurt Men More than Women

Breakups mostly bring the girl in the limelight because of her constant crying and whining. But did you ever think what her ex-flame must be doing, without her presence in a paradise that is not the same anymore?

Arka Roy Chowdhury
DatingWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Dec 06, 2012

Breakups Hurt Men More than Women

Public perception and popular culture as is depicted through mass media has driven us to believe that a woman gets hurt more easily than a man after a break-up. We have this notion that a man post break-up is likely to drink with his buddies, be merry, and have sex with every second woman he meets and that the woman will shed tears and have her friends run busy fixing her broken heart. But, to our surprise, this theory is rather obsolete and has failed the test of present relationships. 


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Methods of Lamenting

Women: Grief couldn’t have been more profound without a woman enacting it. We have the tears, the constant whining, attempt at suicide, and everything that a man will not do can be done by a woman. If getting hurt in a break-up was a competition then women would have been reigning champions, in fact, men wouldn’t have ever won in the history of this game of hearts. This is primarily because women seem to be more emotionally involved than men, or at least it may seem so from the outside. Women tend to release the pressure of their sorrow in the form of tears; they flaunt their grief, and in an attempt to heal themselves, they start indilging in flings with random men. This idea seems a little curt for a man as they struggle to understand how a lady could forget all the love that she once shared with him; women are in fact, the most vulnerable after a break-up. It would, however, be only wrong to suggest that men do not face such a situation after a break-up.


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Men Folk: Few people have a brave heart to stand the storm of a break-up. Men's heart aches upon discovering that their ex-flame is seeing someone else. Men are never ready for a break-up because for most men, a woman is the oasis in their deserted lives, men in a love match as Nietzsche had said are ‘in need of a mother’; how can anyone forget her tenderness? But, men are not traditionally emotional beings, you will bump into them on the streets and they will seem all right with their gang hanging out and having a drink. The simple fact is that men do not know how to take up the entire break-up event. They design their lives with the woman of their lives, and are usually oblivious to anyone else. When the realisation finally dawns upon them, they find out that they are left with a great vacuum in their lives, and no one can fill that vacuum (or at least they think so) other than their former lady love. This is the reason why men are constantly seeking expert advice on how to get their ex back in their lives.

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Love is a cryptic concept; no one has ever deduced the secrets of it. What is strange is the fact that love can hop from person to person, and while the love talks remain the same, the conversationalists change. Is that even humanely possible? But this is the truth. A man will never knock on your door or write on your Facebook wall, text you, call you, or cry his heart out in front of you. This does not mean he is not dying without you; ask his friends, we suspect he is already dead.


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