Breakfast Ideas for Babies

Updated at: Feb 04, 2013
Breakfast Ideas for Babies

Take a look at a few novel breakfast ideas for babies. Cook up stories related to food too and not just bland food. Your child would surely eat with keen interest!

Vatsal Anand
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Babies need to be fed with healthy nutritional food after they reach a certain age. The breakfast for babies that gives them enough nutrients for their physical development comes from meals that include ample fresh fruits and vegetables. It is not the easiest task to make the kids eat healthy foods. So in this regard, your breakfast ideas for babies  must include recipes that your child takes a liking for. As all parents know, kids will always deny eating foods that are healthy and nutritious for them, knowingly or unknowingly. There can be no way of making them eat good foods  forcefully  as in injections or medications, as they have to chew and swallow it. As a matter of fact it is not desirable either.

Making interesting recipes for your kids not only ensures that they find the nutritional foods eatable but their combinations too makes for a complete diet. Some combinations of healthy food are:-

  • Porridge made from milk or soya milk and sweetened with raisins and mashed bananas.
  • Grilled tomato with mushrooms toasted with melted mozzarella.
  • Muesli with agreeable sugar content with grated apple and sunflower seeds moistened with milk or calcium-enriched soya milk.
  • Low-sugar cereals to be served with milk or calcium-rich soya milk or rice milk, chopped nuts and dried chopped apricots.
  • Mixture of honey, oatmeal and raisin can be a great choice for the kids.
  • A mixture of yogurt and granola  is also a huge hit with the toddlers who like yogurt.
  • Raw vegetables such as peeled cucumbers, beetroot, carrots, fresh berries (such as blueberries), seasonal fruits, grapes, apples, cantaloupe, watermelon, kiwi, mango, etc. are very healthy foods for the toddlers.
  • Tortillas, vegetable cookies, quesadillas and pita halves are easy to eat for the kids.
  • Yoghurt with cut fruits.
  • Toast with hummus.
  • Oatcakes with a spreading of jam and nut butter.
  • Milk and fruits are the best breakfast for babies.


Breakfast ideas for babies should include thought on its appearance too. The toddler should get attracted to the food he has been presented with. Decoration of  food can be accompanied by an intriguing story related to it. It will give wings to his imagination and consequently the child will take much more interest in the food introduced  to  them.


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