Break up Beat depression blues and move on

Updated at: May 01, 2014
Break up Beat depression blues and move on

Shruti and Rohit, both 16 year-olds, were madly in love with each other. They had met in their economics tuition class and were together for six months. But one day Rohit suddenly decided to call off the relationship.

Eisha Sharma
DatingWritten by: Eisha SharmaPublished at: Apr 30, 2010

Break upShruti and Rohit, both 16 year-olds, were madly in love with each other. They had met in their economics tuition class and were together for six months. But one day Rohit suddenly decided to call off the relationship. Shruti was devastated because she thought she'd met her soul mate in Rohit. She suddenly lost her appetite and withdrew in a shell. She stopped talking to her friends and going out with them. With this sudden change in her behaviour even her friends were quite shocked as she had always been a very easy-going and chirpy girl.


Hold on till the gap fills


Look around and see. Haven't we all come across someone or the other who when jilted in love plunged  into depression? In fact, if we look back at our younger days, there must have been a point in our lives too when we must have also gone through the same ordeal. But is feeling depressed due to relationships a teenage ache only? Dr. Chugh says, "Feeling low or depressed after an emotional loss is common not just among teenagers but adults too. As humans it is natural to feel sad when our loved ones are no longer there. When the person with whom we used to spend most part of our days, with whom we shared all our joys and sorrows, who is our companion. When he or she leaves us we are bound to feel an emptiness and void in our lives. One tends to miss the person and all the pleasant moments spent with him/her. It takes time to fill the gap caused by a break-up and it’s important to hold on till then. Teenagers are more vulnerable and tend to become too serious too soon which is why when a relationship doesn't sustain itself, it seems like a big setback to them and consequently the low, depressive feelings come to surface."


Be open for new opportunities


But how do we hold on? During such times we tend to become such a mess that nothing seems sensible! But looking at the positive side of life during this time becomes important. We need to understand that though it’s not easy, but a break-up is not the end of the world and there would be many more opportunities to form newer relationships which may be equally or even more fulfilling. Along with this, if we can keep ourselves constructively occupied in some kind of a sport or hobby, it can help in keeping our minds off what happened.


Take help from elder siblings


And what about teenagers? They often tend to get attracted easily and fall hard. Their emotions generally are very intense and when they break up, they become a bunch of nerves waiting to burst any moment! What should they do? How can they cope with this? Dr. Chugh says, "Adolescence is generally an age where children are struggling to form their own identity and become autonomous. They like to believe and feel that what they are doing is a serious business and not a childish act stemming out of immaturity, which is why even a temporary infatuation might just seem serious to them. Parents, elder siblings or older friends can be of great help in educating teenagers at this stage. They need to tactfully inform that interest in the opposite sex, getting attracted to them and infatuations are a common experience. But one need not form any major conclusions as one is more fickle at this stage. Also, how age plays an important role in our ability to make certain important decisions and that one should wait for the appropriate time."

Depression, be it in any age can be harmful and destructive. It not only disturbs our mental balance but also our health and routine. So it is best to keep this emotion at bay. 


Here are some tips to  keep depression at bay:


o  One needs to focus on all spheres of life, including personal, social, occupational and psychological. 

o  Regular physical exercises in the form of brisk-walking, aerobics and jogging can prove extremely beneficial. 

o  Yoga, meditation help calm the mind and body. 

o  Studies have also indicated that adequate exposure to sunlight everyday helps in combating depression. 

o  Pursuing certain recreational activities in the form of dance, music, sports can also come handy. 

o  Trying to keep yourself as close to your normal routine, like going to work regularly, meeting friends, socialising would always speed up the process of coping with depression.


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