Bored of Job, Men Flirt for Fun

May 24, 2012

Quick Bites:

Man flirt with womanThe next time you think that your male colleague who is flirting with you is actually serious about you, think twice! This is because a recently conducted research is of the opinion that most men who flirt at office are actually bored of their job and not satisfied with their career.


For the research, more than 200 working professionals were interviewed about their life, career and if they are satisfied with their fare. The sample included lawyers, civil servants stockbrokers and even charity workers. It was seen that casual flirting at work was not an indicator of boredom with work for women. In men however, flirting was an indicator of the fact that they were not satisfied with their profession.


Chadi Moussa who headed this research that was carried out at the University of Surrey is of the opinion that people flirt for various reasons such as trying to have fun, boosting their self esteem or just trying to be popular. However, when the amount of time that they spend away from their desk increases greatly, it becomes an indication of the fact that they are not enjoying their work and they are willing to stay away from it.