Bonding with Family & Friends on Holi

Updated at: Mar 05, 2012
Bonding with Family & Friends on Holi

Holi is an important festival or an opportunity for you to strengthen bond with family, friends and peers.

Himanshu Sharma
Festival FeverWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Mar 03, 2012

Family and Friends on HoliExcitement for the much-awaited ‘festival of colours’, i.e. ‘Holi’ is all-around. Celebrated with great zeal by Hindu community across the world, the festival witnesses several sights of people getting involved in the exuberant celebration, irrespective of age groups. In addition to playing with water balloons filled with colours and colouring faces of dear ones, tongue-watering sweets and aromatic delicacies also bring one and all together. Another important festival custom is exchange of gifts that strengthens bonding between friends, or family, or peers.

Significance of Holi in Our Life

The festival marks commencement of spring season, with people celebrating good harvests and thanking land for its fertility. Holi is also considered love festival by many, with mythological association with the love of Lord Krishna and goddess Radha. Deep mythological devotion for the festival can be witnessed at Vrindavan or Mathura where it spans for 16 days, places affiliated with life events of Lord Krishna.

In other parts of the country, sights of processions, customs like signing folk songs and performing traditional dance forms are common. People come together during holi for celebrations and forgetting all the differences of the past. In this manner, holi highlights significance of victory of good over bad with unification of all.

Occasion to Forget Differences

One of the most celebrated festivals in India; Holi helps people to leave behind differences. Bringing even foes together, developing love bonding between them, festival triggers warmth of emotions. Holi festival is also an opportunity to strengthen relationship with parents, children, siblings, spouse and other near ones by surprising and delighting them. In this manner, the occasion of holi brings sense of affection in all relations.

Festival Customs & Feasting

Celebrated with great enthusiasms in diverse ways across the globe, holi festival is also important associated to customs. Wishing happiness and well-being to friends, family and peers, people exchange sweets beside other gifts on this occasion. In this manner, they pledge to maintain the same affection for eternity and remember the day among most cherished days of their life.

Moreover, delicacies such as gujiya, malpuas, mathri, puran poli and dahi badas are prepared and served during the festival. Bhang is another special preparation for the day to march beyond highest levels of joys.


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