Bodybuilding for Beginners: How to Get started

Jan 15, 2018

Quick Bites:
  • Try sticking to free weights.
  • Have a planned program and stick to it.
  • Learn all the correct forms of each exercise.

Bodybuilding is perhaps the best way to shape up your body, bust stress and build stamina. By going to the gym, one can have a perfectly toned body. But, this is not as simple as it sounds. To have that perfect body, one must follow a proper diet plan, undergo training and most importantly, have a strong will power.

It can be a little confusing for a beginner to start with a bodybuilding programme. Here are some important tips.

Choosing a Gym

The gym should have a variety of bodybuilding equipments such as those for strength, fitness, cardio, back machines, weights, benches, arm machines, chest and shoulder machines, etc. Also, make sure the gym provides a locker and a spa, sauna and shower facility.

A Complete Body Workout

Choose a workout that suits your body type well and try to stick to it for better results. Don’t assume bodybuilding to be a one-month crash course. A full-body workout includes doing all the major muscle-building, resistance building and toning exercises; these exercises help the body to get a 360 degrees workout. Try different muscle building techniques depending on your body type.

Use Lighter Weights

Don’t try to match the pace of other people in the gym. It is always better to work according to your strength otherwise you will end up getting hurt. Starting with machines instead of weights in the beginning is a good idea. Explore a wide range of exercises to know which one is likely to give you the best results. If you can’t figure out which one to start with, then avoid exercises that may cause you pain.

Avoid Overtraining

Watch out for the symptoms of overtraining such as reduced appetite, having trouble sleeping, fatigue, a dip in concentration level, etc. Appropriate amount of rest is necessary when exercising. Too much of training would have an adverse affect on your life by causing you to go through a lot of stress. Take rest, reduce your level of workout and sleep more when you feel that you have been overtraining.

Eat Healthy

Adhering to a balanced and nutritious diet is as essential as your workout program. Working out in the gym and eating junk food subsequently won’t help your cause. Stay away from fried foods, sugary foods, fizzy drinks, alcohol, etc. Ample nutrition will fuel your training and improve the results. Take the help of a dietician to design the perfect diet plan.

The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) once said, “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

Before hitting the gym, you need to have an optimistic approach and perseverance to give a 100 percent commitment. The path may be long but the result will be worth the wait.