Blind Date Advice for Women

Updated at: Mar 26, 2014
Blind Date Advice for Women

Dating Tips - Are you anxious about your blind date? Here are some of the blind date advices for women that can make your date a memorable experience.

Bushra Kafeel
DatingWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jun 17, 2011

There are anxieties associaated with blind dates. Here are some of the blind date advices for women.


Prepare Well


First impression is extremely important in a blind date. Make sure that you present yourself well; this can be done by preparing well in advance.

  • Dress appropriately by selecting appropriate clothes for yourself. Abstain from being scantily clad. You must wear whatever you're comfortable in and not give in to your date's demands in case they are asking you to wear something they like.
  • Trim your nails, iron your clothes, get a hair cut or just trim them for a neat look. 
  • Smell good. Wear your favourite cologne or perfume.
  • Remember that you have only one chance of giving first impression. So put your best foot forward.


Who will Pay

Make it clear that you both are going to dutch. By doing so you can avoid the feeling that you owe him anything.

Be Flexible


Even though planning is important but you must also have a flexible approach to whatever you have planned. For instance, if you have planned to meet your blind date at a night club but find out that your date is quite reserved and not comfortable with the venue, then you can change the plan and go for a quiet dinner instead.


Wear your Guard


Blind dating is often considered to be fun and exciting but remember that you don’t know the person. Owing to the fact that you are meeting him for the very first time it is essential to be extremely cautious.


  • Meet in a public area. Museum or an art gallery can be good spots for a blind date. Besides being safe such places also give you lot to talk about.
  • Make sure that someone from your family or friend knows where you are going.


Avoid going for Dinner or Movie


The first thought that strikes your mind on thinking about blind date is going out for dinner. However, it is not a perfect idea for many reasons. You are stuck for the whole dinner i.e. you cannot leave early if the date is not going well.  According to some, a blind dinner date is not a good idea as it simply means sitting at one place and staring at each other, and this is not comfortable when you don’t know the person.


Similarly by going for a movie you will not be able to know him. Remember that you are meeting to know each other so think up something unique. A oncert at a park, museums, galleries or a simple walk can be nice idea for a blind date.


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