Bicycle your way to health fitness and green environment

    Bicycle your way to health fitness and green environment

    As the threat of global warming is looming large over our heads, the need of pollution free environment is what comes to the mind instantly.

    As the threat of global warming is looming large over our heads, the need of pollution free environment is what comes to the mind instantly. With the automobiles contributing a major share in air pollution, which accounts for nearly 72% of nitrogen oxide and 52% of reactive hydrocarbons (critical components of pollutants in air), a need for an eco-friendly transport system is what comes for an immediate concern.

    If mentions are to be made of an environment friendly transport, then you can't get any greener than bicycles. This time, speeding gears seem to be taking a u-turn. With this change in direction, we may be returning back to an age of fitness and a more vivacious life. Thanks to the new innovative bikes that have made a stand in the market. That is pooling in the fascinations of the youth at large with their designer tags and funky, stylish reveals. Today, it is crucial to understand the need of healthy pedal. Compiled estimates alone reveal of mortality due to outdoor air pollution with major contributor being the fuming automobiles, to range from nearly 0.4 - 1.1% of total annual deaths worldwide.


    In this rushing life where each one is in urgency to speed up their fuming vehicles, the kind nature; seems to be in a state of peril. Herein comes the thought of - 'consideration to nature' to have its blessing for a longer sphere of time. The nature needs a break from pollution and bikes do gear down on the filthy pollute. Riding bikes for small distances is not only beneficial for health but also for the endangered environment. Traffic commotion, pollution, long waiting hours has become a distressing position for all. Millions of vehicles flooding the roads on a daily basis has created a muddle, directing the problems such as heart attacks, strokes, excess weight, lack of stamina, coronary heart diseases towards the society all of which are the results of the accumulation of pollutes in the environment that surrounds us.


    Global Warming is a fact, a reality that is already upon us- not a distant assessment of the future. Violent storms such as Katrina are only the initial manifestation of what is going to happen with frightening regularity in the future. Melting ice caps and rising ocean levels are going to sweep many countries under water. We are heading for a catastrophe unless we reverse global warming-a major contributor being vehicular emissions.


    There is a very simple, effective and easy manner to implement solution-Cycling! You can cycle to work, to play, for enjoyment and for fun.


    Shiv Inder Singh, Managing Director, Firefox India expresses, "Well, if the pedaling boon is what we sought for, then its list can yield no end. From lining up a whole lot of health benefits, it's quite a vehicle that helps you save time in jams by enabling you a quick paddling escape. The maintenance cost of cycling too comes out to be meager. So, it is better to ride a cycle for small distances rather than emptying the fuel tank. We are all sentient about the availability of scarce resources, its production and the way it is being burned off today. It takes millions of years to rejuvenate and then a few seconds to destroy them. Then why not be economical and judicious in matters concerning our environment, our health and our being on this planet?"



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