Beware of too much Sugar in Healthy Fruit Drinks

Updated at: Jul 12, 2012
Beware of too much Sugar in Healthy Fruit Drinks

Beware of too much Sugar in Healthy Fruit Drinks: Your healthy fruit drinks contain more sugar than you would have thought.

Vatsal Anand
LatestWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Apr 20, 2012

Beware of too much Sugar in Healthy Fruit DrinksIf you thought that your healthy fruit drinks had healthy sugar level, think again. They may actually contain far more sugar than you thought. Researchers from Glasgow University have warned that if you are not vigilant, healthy fruits drinks can add up to 450 calories to your diet. The team of researchers based their studies on a questionnaire answered by more than 2000 people in UK.

Questions asked in the survey


The people who took the questionnaire were asked about the amount of sugar in their drinks. The respondents were found to underestimate the amount of sugar in fruits juices and smoothies, while they overestimated the sugar content in fizzy beverages. It revealed that most of the calorie intake of people came from soft drinks.

The participants in the study were asked about the number of teaspoons of sugar in an assortment of popular drinks. The underestimation for the amount of sugar in apple juice, orange juice, caffeinated energy drink, and a smoothie was between two and four teaspoons. The most glaring mistake that people made was for the sugar content in a pomegranate-based drink, by as much as 18 teaspoons.


Result of the survey

The findings of this survey further revealed that in UK, an average person consumes more than 3000 calories in a week through non-alcoholic drinks. If calories gained through alcohol intake are added to this, each day 450 extra calories are gained. The survey was led by professor Naveed Sattar, who said that what we drink can be as damaging to the body in terms of high sugar intake as what we eat. It can contribute a great deal to the problem of abdominal obesity.  

In order to avoid these problems, you would do well to look for smoothies and health drinks that do not contain high sugar level. Better still, learn a few healthy drink recipes that you can make at home.




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