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Beware Of These 5 Friends

Dating By Meenakshi Chaudhary , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 15, 2015
Beware Of These 5 Friends

Friendship is a gift but sometimes it can do more harm than good. Watch out for friends that can bring in negativity to your life or pose a certain risk.

If you are fond of movies you must have seen several ideal friendships on screen. But is that all you? No, it isn’t. You may have just missed to realise some movie characters that you should never have as your friends. So, here are the top 5 friends you should not be so friendly with.

the jealous kid

The  Jealous Kid

He always manages to point out at least one loop hole in your perfect moment. Every time you outperform him or get something that he always wanted, he just cannot take it. You will be able to spot many examples of such a friend in Bollywood movies, especially those that revolve around school or college life. Yes, these movies can be a overdramatic, but the possibility of a jealous friend harming you is not completely impossible. Just watch out for such buddies.

The Idiot

The Idiot

Well, if you liked ‘Circuit’ in ‘Munnabhai MBBS’, you must have gone aww (or whatever) at his loyalty to his friend. But, would you really like to have such a friend? Well, I know the answer cannot be a straight forward no, after all it is very difficult to find such loyal friends. But seriously, how wise is it to help your friends cheat on you? Just watch for that friend who is always ready to support you, push you forward every time you make a bad decision.

The addict

The Addict

Do you have a buddy with a character that matches with the character that Kangana Ranaut played in Fashion? Hope you don’t. Because, if you do, such a friend will significantly increase your risk of ending up as an addict. If a friend cannot ditch drugs for you, you should ditch them for your own sake. Or can you take the risk of ruining a life just because one of your friends was an addict? With that being said, it is your responsibility to stay clean. No friend should be able to get you into the ‘wrong’ stuff.

the loser

The Loser

If you have a friend who is always complaining about things without ever making an effort to take a stand to change things, you know what to do. What your friends achieve or fail at is none of your business. But, is it really so? We often try to help our friends and we must help. But there are some people who only know how to ruin every opportunity. So from now own, stop putting so much effort for a loser of a friend. Let him get his life together and then if there is a need for help, you go ahead.

The money buddy

The ‘money-buddy’

You may skip this one if you are financially broke. Just kidding. You must have seen several characters in movies that are with someone, pretending to be their friend just for the sake of their money. If you have such friends who always find time for your free beer and parties, but never proactively offer to pay the bills, be warned. You are due for an eye opener soon, when you will realise such friends are gone as soon as you are short on money. A friend who never pays the bill out of reason, but always acknowledges it may be your real friend though.

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