Best Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Updated at: Aug 11, 2016
Best Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Here are few easy ways to deal with your break up; these tips will sound familiar because these are the best ways to get over your ex which even your friends might have used.

Sharanya Manola
DatingWritten by: Sharanya ManolaPublished at: Jul 09, 2012

Best Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Now at one point or the other we all get into a relationship and not everyone is lucky to have found the right people in first go. So, how do we move on and get over our ex? Friends keep advising us on the dos and the don'ts. But don’t you think you too must make some effort too?


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Here are a few tips that will come in handy when you try to get over a your ex. Read and help yourself.

No Mutual Friends Please!

The first thing you must do is avoiding interaction with your mutual friends. His/her friends might want to give you a shoulder to cry on and might even hit on you but you must make it clear that you don’t want to be in touch. They must respect your need for doing so. If you have to move on this is the first step. Don’t try to gather updates about your ex’s life. They were apart of your life once and now aren’t for your good. Unfriend them from facebook or other social networking platforms to avoid breakup drama.

Avoid Drunk Dial

When you get drunk you tend to unleash your emotions. You would want to call your ex in the hope that they’ll listen to your sad tale. But hold on. Give yourself some time because time is the best healer. You’re not the only first or the last person who is undergoing the torment of i-just-broke-up situation. Delete their phone number ir get it blacklisted.


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Let go of your past

You can’t always hold on to your past. Embrace the present and STOP crying. Apparently you need a vent but for that you can call a friend you confide in and just release negative energy. It is not going to take you anywhere. Get rid of the negativity and don’t wallow all the time. Go somewhere with your friends, watch a movie, hit the gym and do all the things you wanted to do!


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Trash the gifts

If you have gifts in the form of cards or toys or clothes just discard them. Don’t pile them because every time you see them its going to remind you of him/her and make you feel weak. You grow out of relationships and it is absolutely okay. You learnt a lesson and now must not look behind and waste your energy on it.


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Pamper yourself

Break ups should not make you feel inferior about yourself. Your emotions might be playing all the games but you’re not supposed to harm yourself in anyway. Shop because it heals. Change your wardrobe. Go for a spa treatment, get a new haircut, chill out and fool around with your loved ones. You should spend good time with your family too.

Only a right attitude can help you come out of the devastation and make the transition from being in a relationship to single less painful. After all you were a happy person when your ex was not even a part of your life. Weren’t you?


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