5 Best Ways to Breakup with your Girlfriend

Updated at: Feb 10, 2016
5 Best Ways to Breakup with your Girlfriend

Breaking up is a hard thing to do, no man has been able to master it as yet, and it usually leaves deep scars. Avoid a nasty breakup, take a look at these ways.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
DatingWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Dec 12, 2013

There was a time when you lied on the lap of love, taking solace in the arms of your beloved girl. But that seems far away, your views have changed, your mind has changed, and you want to rise from the lap of that dream world. How could you possibly tell her?

breaking up with girlfriendThe first thing we would like to tell you is to reconsider, but if you are very determined to about it then you must be having your reasons. That however does not give you any space for being crude and cruel hearted, you have to handle this matter in a very calm and sober manner. When it comes to the matter of the heart then you have to know that it is very delicate, and rough handling can leave a bleeding heart. You do not want blood on your hands; you do not want to be the reason for pain and sorrow in the girl who has given you her all.

Reasonable Breakup

This is the best method that you can practice when you are breaking up with your girlfriend. You must be having you reasons for the breakup. Even if you just woke up one fine morning and decided that this is it, tell her whatever the case it is. She deserves to know a reason, and you will make things much easier by pouring all that is there in your mind. Even if you have fallen for someone else you should say her so. The idea is to let her know, and cause the least damage possible.

Compassionate Breakup

Go for the compassionate breakup, this one works most times, you just have to be nice. No explanation needed, no reasons given, just a plain and simple, "this cannot work anymore". But don’t just tell her bye and walk away, no matter how bad she has been to you, even if she has been the evil witch. When showing compassion, show your concern but do not show sympathy. She is not a poor little girl; you would insult her to think so. She will come out of the break up and turn her life around, maybe she will find someone far better than you, so do not sympathise. Show your concern, break up on a nice note, and give her a parting gift and a tight hug.

Disappearing Act Breakup

If it is absolutely necessary for you to break up with her, even though you may not want to do so then you should do this. Just simply disappear! On your last days love her all you want, or if you do not want to hurt her then fade away from her life and vanish. Go to some other city, or settle in the farthest part of the city, change your phone number, have no social trace on the internet and let her forget you bit by bit. You too will have a hard time recovering from it, so take help from a friend to guide you through this. You should never show up ever again, unless you hear that she is doing well and is married with children. Also never reveal what you had done, for that would devastate her life.

Reverse Breakup

If you want to be on the safe side then you could make her hate you. This is good for her, this won’t make her think that she lost someone dear, she would be relieved. You could introduce her to someone who is capable of sweeping girls off their feet and then play mute. Stay away from her and let her take solace in that person’s arms. While she would think that she broke up with you, it would be you all the while. A fair warning here, you may feel bad when she takes notice of this other person.

Short and Crisp Breakup

Make your break up saga short and crisp, instead of an epic saga. Do it like how a man is supposed to be doing this, confront her, look her in the eye and break the news. Do not take her on a joy ride and suddenly throw her off that ride, it would simply be very cruel. Do not give her any information because she would want to know them herself, so let things comes one by one. Tell her you want to break up and then furnish the details one by one.

Love is a complicated matter, after all it is an emotion involving the heart; there is no logic here, no calculations or methodic path. Remember how good it felt when it all started? It would be doubly bad when it ends, so be kind. In the words of Robert Burns, “Fare thee weel, thou first and fairest, fare thee weel, thou best and dearest."

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