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Best Way to Cure Yeast Infection

Updated at: Jan 28, 2013
Written by: Shruti DeshmukhPublished at: Feb 20, 2012
Best Way to Cure Yeast Infection

Best way to cure yeast infection includes application of anti-fungal creams, diet control, aromatherapy, application of yoghurt, builiding immunity and others.

One of the most common infections in majority of women is the yeast (fungal) infections, also calledcandidiasis, thrush, candida infections, etc. Comparatively, men are lesser affected by these infections. The areas mostly affected by such infections are genital areas, armpits, mouth, etc. i.e. areas which are moist and warm, a fundamental requirement for fungal growth. The characteristic symptoms of yeast infections are continual itching, soreness while urinating and having inter-course, etc.

In order to cure the yeast infection, you should know the basics of infection. Many useful and harmful bacteria reside in harmony in our body, which is essential for our well-being.  When certaingood microbes are destroyed (due to - excessive use of antibiotics and deodorants, elevated stress levels, improper diet habits, etc.) it gives way to uncontrolled growth of yeast that is yeast infection.


Curing Yeast infection


1.    Use of anti-fungal creams

Many anti-fungal creams are available which can be bought without prescription. However, their excessive use generally makes the fungi immune and renders these creams useless later.

2.    Application of yoghurt

Applying plain and un-sweetened yoghurt to the affected areas isbestfor instant relief.

3.    Garlic cloves / processed powder

Application of garlic cloves / powder on the affected areasis one of the most successful in-house remedies known for instantly relieving and curing the infection completely.

4.    Diet control

  • Don’t have- Food stuff such as mushrooms, dairy products, coffee, etc. as yeast thrives on sugar. Hence, you should follow a low sugar and yeast diet.This will starve yeast and the infection will subside.
  • Have - Plenty of water, fibre rich food and fruits (except grapes and bananas), brown rice, chicken in daily diet.

5.    Clothing

Avoid using tight clothes, especially under garments as they aid in creating atmosphere conducive for fungal growth.Instead loose, cotton clothing should be preferred, which help in keeping areas clean and dry.

6.    Aroma therapy

Use of aromatic oils such as lavender oil, tea tree oil while bathing, cures yeast infections. Lavender can applied directly as it is mild in nature.

7.    Building Immunity

  • Stress

Immune system becomes weak due to continual stress, leading to a variety of health issues, including candidiasis. Hence, it is important to take appropriate treatment on stress to reduce the infections.

  • Birth control measures

Women using birth control pills reportedly have weaker immune system. Hence, resorting to other birth control alternatives will help in reducing the infection.

8.    Contact with infected person

In-case the partner is infected; he passes it on to hispartner, at the time of inter-course. Hence, contacts with infected partner should be avoided.Also, sexual activity should be completely stopped during the course of treatment.

9.    And last but not the least, you should remember:

  • Prevention is better than cure. Follow such practices daily which will prevent occurrence of these infections.
  • Choose suitable and appropriate remedies to you.
  • Seek medical adviceif the infection is not getting cured;to avoid chronic infection.


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