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Vitamins that Boost Sexual Stamina

Snr By Editorial Team , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 07, 2012
Vitamins that Boost Sexual Stamina

There are certain foods that help to boost your libido and improve your bed life by filling the energy void created by lack of essential vitamins for improved blood flow and circulation

Did you know that foods can improve your sexual stamina? Yes, there are certain foods that help to boost your libido and improve your bed life by filling the energy void created by lack of essential vitamins for improved blood flow and circulation. Although these foods are more useful if you maintain a healthy body weight with exercise and proper diet soluble fibre and antioxidants help to improve sexual stamina in any case. The best vitamins to improve sexual stamina are those available in nature.


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Vitamins for sexual stamina


It is a nutrient that can act as a natural Viagra. This is due to its property of making nitric acid content high in the body. Nitric acid is important for replenishing your blood with oxygen, improving blood circulation and thereby, sexual stamina. Citrulline is naturally found in watermelon.


Vitamin E

Circulation of blood can be significantly improved by having vitamin E natural supplements. Unhampered blood flow is as important for good sexual stamina as good sexual desire. There are two naturally available components of vitamin E. It is important that both of them are included in vitamin E. The natural sources of vitamin E for your diet are nuts, kiwi, mango, seeds, tomato and any kind of vegetable oil.




Vitamin C

For getting rid of free radicals, one of the main factors for disrupting normal sexual health vitamin C natural supplement work best. Free radicals lower the levels of nitric acid and this brings down your sexual stamina. Guava, kiwi and fresh berries are natural sources of vitamin C that keep your nitric acid level high. This keeps the oxygen concentration of blood high and this is important for increasing sex stamina.


Vitamin B-complex

Vitamin B1 to B5 and B-12 help to raise your sexual desire. These boost your energy level and improve the circulation of the blood. These are helpful for boosting mood in people and increasing the energy level of depressed people. Vitamin B-12 especially helps to improve your sex life.




Vitamin A

A reduction in production of sex hormones in men and women alike can be due to vitamin A deficiency. In men, it is noticeable in the form of shrinking of testicles while in women, atrophy of ovaries occurs due to such a deficiency. Foods rich in vitamin A are apricots, sweet potatoes and mangoes.

If you make sure to include all of these foods to improve sexual stamina in your diet, your sex life would surely be the better for it.


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