Best Spa Treatments for Men

Updated at: Jun 23, 2011
Best Spa Treatments for Men

Beauty Treatments & Body Surgeries- With best spa treatment men can have the most relaxing experience. In this article best spa treatments for men are been discussed in detail.

Aditi Dasgupta
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Jun 23, 2011

Spa treatments can be the most relaxing experiences. Here are a few best spa treatments for men that they can exclusively enjoy this summer:


Spas not only provide you with that ultimate experience of relaxation, but have customised beds, masseuses, decors and healthcare professionals dedicated to men. This exclusivity has slowly caught on to the market trends because the male body and the nature of massages require different expertise in knowledge of the male physique. Grooming regimes such as specific massaging stimulants, diet plans, personal preferences and even a manicure session clubbed with various packages have made the spa industry for men a relatively prosperous one. Many salons such as Clarins have gone on to offer special skin care products customised for the male skin and skin tone.


Why do men need spa beauty treatments? – Men’s body react differently to stress and strain than a womans’s. Researches conducted have often shown that men opting for spa sessions find it more relaxing than visiting the gym every weekend. Most men do hesitate to give two to three hours for a spa session but then, it is more about a state of mind where the therapeutic value takes precedence ultimately.


Usually an aromatherapy session works best for men and spa salons even enquire about the preferences of the clients about the type of oil they would prefer. Beauty treatments in highly stylised interiors and offering a wide variety of choices have given men the chance to turn their fondness into a fetish.


Many men are reportedly concerned about the hygiene, kinds of spa treatments, the spa premises apart from the cost. This shows that a spa session for a  man is not only about being cost-effective but also about how appealing it appears to be. Many established spa chains in India offer couple spas to increase their brand value and market size. This is mostly why men tend to suggest spa treatments for their better halves as well.


The ideal spa treatment for men would be when a man visits the spa for an appointment where he can discuss matters regarding the service standards, pricing and personal tastes. A spa session becomes fruitful for men only when he returns with a comfortable picture in his mind. This is because most men taking spa sessions for the first time are highly uncomfortable and apprehensive. They usually doubt their return on investment in terms of the quality of service and experience. The best way is to ask the counsellors and clarify doubts for a relaxing spa session thereafter. Taking your buddy along would be another great idea!


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