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Have a Slimmer Waist with These 5 Simple Yet Effective Exercises

Exercise & Fitness By Ariba Khaliq , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 08, 2018
Have a Slimmer Waist with These 5 Simple Yet Effective Exercises

A slim waist is every woman desire and she can go limits to achieve that. The only thing is, you don't really have to take so much pains. There are some really simple and easy exercises that can give you a thinner waist in no time.

The types of exercises you do are the secret to getting a slim waist. Controlling your diet sure cuts some of that fat out, but it has to be complimented with the right exercise for a slim waist that most women desire.

Pedalling your stationary bike for long hours, having slow cardio sessions, doing crunches until you can’t stand straight, nothing is enough to have a slim waist. You need to focus on your abs. Exercises like crunches that are focussed on your abs fail to hit the muscles that run up your side and the deep, ‘corset’ muscles of the abdomen.

The right group of exercises that target your core muscles while increasing your metabolism is the perfect way to slim your waist. They should strengthen the right muscles and in no time you will begin to form a slimmer, tighter looking waist.

Rope Jumping

This fun playground activity is a great way to get a slim waist because it increases your metabolic rate and makes you tighten your core at the same time. A double treat. When you jump rope, you twist your waist to the left and right, involving complex muscles. Start doing  50 jumps a day and increase the number gradually. After getting comfortable with this exercise, you could go for a high intensity interval training routine along with it.

  • Jump rope as fast as you can for 40 seconds.
  • Have a 15-second break.
  • Repeat 5 times, have a one-minute break, and go for it again.
  • Your calories don’t just burn during the workout, but for several hours after the workout. 

Ski Twists

You might find jumping jacks boring but they are great flab-burners. You could try doing ski twists along with the jumping jacks. To do these, you would jump just the same way as in jumping jacks, but in ski twists you’ll keep your feet together and twist at the hips rather than throwing your arms. Jump to the left and come back to the centre, then switch side and jump to the right and back to the centre. Along with the burning of calories, your body rotates and cuts flab around the twisted areas.

Hip Thrust

A hip thrust exercise is essential to complete a feminine waist shaping routine. When you combine hip thrust with glute bridge movement, they target your glutes and muscles of your lower back, strengthening and shaping them.

  • Set up with a bench or aerobic steps so that the bottom of your shoulder blades is in contact with the bench.
  • Roll a barbell over your legs into the crease of your hip and now grip the bar with your hands at about shoulder-width distance.
  • Position your feet such that your knees are at a 90° angle when your hips are fully locked out at the top of the movement.
  • Drive through your heels and thrust your hips up towards the ceiling in an explosive yet controlled fashion. Focus on contracting your glutes. At the top of the movement your torso should be parallel to the floor with a neutral back
  • Hold the weight at the top of the movement for a brief pause. Bring the weight back down under control.


Ask us what is the best exercise for conditioning your body, and we shall say it’s Burpees. Virtually every muscle group in your body will be worked through this and adding in a push-up will exhaust you even more. Add Burpees to your metabolic circuit routine or your high interval intensity training workout. You can choose them to supercharge your bodies just like bodybuilders, elite athletes and physique competitors do.

Swiss Ball Rollouts

Swiss ball rollouts come in many variations but the basic exercise is good enough.

  • Place your hands (and elbows too if you want) on the Swiss ball and hold the plank position for. Then slightly roll the ball forward.
  • Hold this position for 3 seconds and roll back to your starting position.

This see-saw movement will help you establish control and stability which is fantastic as a core exercise because it stresses your abs, obliques and lower back muscles.

These exercises cannot work alone in helping you lose weight. You will need to make changes to your diet in a way that you reduce your calorie intake. All this will require discipline and determination in making smart food choices and sticking to your workout regime. But once you make a strong determination, you will achieve a slim waist in no time with the help of these exercises.

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