4 Best And 4 Worst Foods For Teeth

Updated at: Jun 10, 2021
4 Best And 4 Worst Foods For Teeth

Our food habits have a lot of impact on our oral health. Know what are the best and worst foods for teeth, according to a dentist.

Parmita Uniyal
Healthy DietWritten by: Parmita UniyalPublished at: Jun 10, 2021

While it's important to follow the right brushing and flossing routine for overall good oral hygiene, what we eat goes a long way in keeping our teeth strong and healthy in the long run. Our faulty food habits might be making our teeth more susceptible to decay. Similarly, we might be doing something right for our pearly whites if we give them what the bacteria hates. The right food for the teeth helps in cleaning teeth naturally while the wrong ones make it hard for teeth to fight the germs.

Dr. Binita Srivastava, a Noida-based Dentist talks about the kinds of food we should consume for better dental health, and the eatables we must avoid.

Best Foods For Teeth

Listed below are four foods that are great for tooth health. Read what the expert has to say about what to eat to maintain oral health:

1# Raw Vegetables Like Cucumber, Tomato

Dr Srivastava recommends people to eat raw vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce etc or any food that is rich in fiber for strong teeth. Food that has a good fiber content cleans the teeth and prevents dental cavities. Besides, raw vegetables involve a lot of chewing and it is especially important for children for the functional stimulation of the jaw growth. The more kids chew, there is more stimulation of the jaw muscles and growth centres are activated more due to which jaw growth is better.


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2# Apple And Other Fruits

Fruits that are not only rich in roughage, involves chewing but also have essentials vitamins and nutrients are good for teeth. It is also a good idea to have fruits to remove any food that is stuck in your mouth naturally. Food that rubs against the teeth more which you have to chew a lot before swallowing is thus good for your teeth. 

3# Milk, Curd, Paneer

Foods that are rich in calcium are must for your dental health. Calcium is especially good for your tooth enamel, which is basically the hard outer shell of your tooth. Having calcium-rich foods will prevent erosion and cavities.

4# Fennel Seeds

Apart from aiding digestion, saunf or fennel seeds has an excellent property of cleaning teeth. What it does is it removes stuck carbohydrate particles like roti, bread etc from surface of tooth and prevents it from decay. To include fennel seeds in diet, try adding fennel milk for its various benefits

Worst Foods For Teeth

Dr. Srivastava says while protein, calcium and vitamin rich food make your teeth stronger, the ones with disaccharides, a type of carbohydrate and that remains stuck in your teeth for a longer time are bad for your teeth. Tea and Coffee with sugar are equally bad. So restrict your junk intake to minimum if you want better teeth in the future.

1# Bread, Biscuits, Cake

Now who doesn't like these tasty treats. But one must be mindful of what they are doing to our teeth as well. Since these foods remain on the teeth for a longer time, their exposure to the tooth surface is more damaging as compared to foods which have faster clearance from the oral cavity.


Carbohydrates are of three types - polysaccharides, disaccharides and monosaccharides. The disaccharides form is more damaging to the teeth. Cakes, cookies, dark chocolate all these have disaccharides. 

2# Soft Drinks

Any sugary food or drink is a treat for plaque bacteria. The sugar is used by the bacteria to produce acids that targets your enamel and decays it. Any soft drinks, sugary drinks or food is extremely bad for your teeth health.

3# Chips

Chips, sandwiches, crackers and other snacks that we have frequently during the day play a havoc with your teeth health. Not only they remain stuck in the tooth, the more we eat the snacks during the day, the more damage they cause to the teeth.

4# Honey

While honey is believed to be harmless for the body, it is not the case with teeth. Although it is said to have some anti-bacterial properties, it is a form of sugar and consuming it in liberal amounts will lead to tooth decay. If at all you have to take it, check the quantity and frequency.

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Now that you know what’s good and what’s bad for your teeth, you must make intelligent food choices to preserve them. Picking an apple is anyday better than a glass of smoothie. Similarly, those crunchy dry-fruits that involves a lot of chewing must be given preference over a plate of sandwich.

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