Benefits of Music Therapy for Seniors

Updated at: Aug 25, 2011
Benefits of Music Therapy for Seniors

Music therapy rekindles the purpose of life in seniors.

Pratima Sharma
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Old man listening musicOld age is coupled with several problems associated with the physical and mental health conditions of a person. Whereas some of them can be effectively addressed through medications, others tend to become chronic. Most often, alternative therapeutic treatment options such as music therapy is considered suitable for addressing several age related health issues. The therapy involves usage of musical activity by a trained professional for bringing about positive changes in the social, physical, cognitive and psychological functioning of an individual. Such holistic treatment methods are considered effective in seniors especially because they provide comprehensive benefits and come without side effects.


Music Therapy for seniors—Why is it a Good Option?

When you choose music therapy for seniors it provides some pronounced benefits which help them to lead a balanced life. Some of these ar listed below.


  • Music could be effectively used in developing personal goals in seniors. They could hone their musical skills and reach a level of personal fulfilment. This enhances personal affirmation and connectedness and promotes a feeling of comfort.
  • Old age is often related to stress and it is associated repercussions like hypertension and cardiac problems. Music therapy for seniors helps in stress reduction and purgation. It helps you to relax and build on social skills. When you make music along with your friends, the experience is fulfilling. It gives them a sense of achievement and makes them optimistic. This is a unique way of dealing with daily tensions and worries.
  • Senility is often a major problem seniors have to deal with. It bring along lack of focus and coordination which somewhat disjoints them from the social circuit. Often, music therapy can help in enhancing focus and alignment of feelings and impulses. It also helps in increasing concentration in an individual.
  • For those suffering from a reduced mental capacity, music therapy helps in activating the brain cells effectively. It also helps in rejuvenating memory cells, effectively combating conditions such as dementia. Music has the capability of stirring one’s emotions.
  • Old age is often associated with various kinds of pains and other physical manifestations of illnesses which can prove to be trying. Soothing music sessions can help build mental stamina and the capability to withstand such bodily banes with more confidence and will. It also helps in reducing the pain and hastens the recovery cycle in certain individuals.
  • Most importantly, music therapy for seniors is considered particularly effective in bringing in a sense of purpose to life. You are encouraged into feeling more positive and upbeat about your existence. Losing a sense of purpose could be common in seniors. Music rejuvenates them and encourages aspiring for new things.

For complete benefit, make sure you resort to professional therapists for effective treatment. They should possess a valid degree in the said practice. Relevant experience is always an added plus.


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