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Bend it like Ronaldo

Updated at: Oct 26, 2010
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Written by: Tunali MukherjeePublished at: Oct 26, 2010
Bend it like Ronaldo

Active checks in at a tiny arcade in Andheri to find out if a 25-minute session of bungee soccer comes anywhere close to the real deal

Active checks in at a tiny arcade in Andheri to find out if a 25-minute session of bungee soccer comes anywhere close to the real deal


Only one goal stands between victory and me. I lunge forward to kick, the ball makes its way into the arms of the goalpost and I whoop as I soar in the air. No cinematic liberties here, just a "regular" game of Bungee Soccer.


Except for the fact that players are suspended from bungee ropes, with their feet just above the ground, the set-up is very much like rink football, with two mini goalposts and nine players on each team.


After securing myself in the harness, I understood why the sport is such a rage in Europe.


While movement is restricted because of the rope, the momentum allows you to lunge sideways, jump and kick all with the grace and genius of Ronaldo.


Some Advice


Make sure that the harness is secured according to your height, else the jacket can bite into your underarms. Stamina is another requirement as I discovered soon after revelling in my new lunge-and-fly skills. I was puffing and panting three minutes into the game, and even cheated to catch my breath.


It's a good idea to take as many friends along as you can, as playing a soccer match bungee or no bungee  isn't as much fun otherwise.


Roll Over


Keen to brush up on your sumo wrestling skills? Head to the sumo ring adjacent to the football rink. Step inside in your sumo-sized costume, which is filled with air to add bulk and reduce injuries. You'll need a friend to walk you into the ring and get you on your feet if you happen to topple over.


Struggle to wrestle your opponent to the ground and stay on your feet in the survival of the fittest. The match lasts an exhausting three rounds and it might take all your energy to win, but with rewards like jumping on the loser (thank goodness for the airbags!) this is one fun workout you don't want to miss.



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