Becoming a Successful Single Parent

Updated at: Feb 04, 2013
Becoming a Successful Single Parent

With the epidemic of divorce on rise, single parenting has become an overwhelming experience. All you can do is believe in yourself.

Pratima Sharma
Tips for ParentWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Feb 04, 2013

Father with his daughter

Single parenting can be a result of failure on the marriage or death of the partner. It can be overwhelming and take a toll especially in situations where your child is quite young and solely depends on the parent for everything.. This in turn creates a lot of emotional trauma not only for the parent but also for the child. However, with abundant awareness and knowledge about single parenting f, one can successfully conquer difficult times. 

According to U.S Census Bureau Report of 2009, there were about 14 million single parents raising their children in United States, out of which, 83% are single mothers and 17% are single fathers. It is often believed that many single working parents spend less time with their children due to heavy workload. Indeed, they have to work twice over as compared to normal parents. Feelings of negligence in such cases, often lead children into developing behavioural disorders.

On the other hand, several psychiatrists opine that children brought up by single parents lead a very normal life and also succeed professionally. Dr Arti Anand believes, “As children of single parents learn to take on responsibilities from an early age, they become independent, and so, they gain the ability to tackle any kind of situation with ease.”

Manjusha Gupta, a freelance editor says, “As a single parent, I try to spend quality time with my daughter by instilling good morals and values, thereby creating a firm bond.” Continue reading to know some useful tips on becoming a successful single parent.

Spend quality time: Spend as much as time as you can, with your child. This creates a great bonding and close relationship between you and your child.


Communicate: Talk to your child about how you spent the whole day and vice versa. When you do so, your child will automatically share his set of day-long experiences as well. This will create a mutual understanding between you and your child.


Join the Community of Single Parenting: Search and join the community of young single parents so that you can share experiences and get tips from one another on how to tackle situations that occur while raising a child all alone. This may help you a lot as you can share your problems and gain experience.


Discipline: Be a disciplinarian. Teach your child, what is right and what is wrong. Use timeouts or just take away a reward from him to make him realize that he did something wrong..


Love: Learn to love yourself first. You have to take care of yourself only then, can you take care of your child.


Even though life as a single parent can be quite difficult and stressful but you can surely make it worthwhile by bringing up your child with all the necessary love, care and affection.


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