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Beat Weight Loss Plateau

Updated at: Jan 28, 2013
Beat Weight Loss Plateau

You are losing weight at a good pace, but all of a sudden it goes stagnant! This happens to most people on a weight loss mission, and this may happen to you to. In order to disappear your weight at a steady pace without any hindrance you must foll

Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Dec 28, 2012

Beat Weight Loss PlateauThere comes a time in every weight loss programme when you stop to lose weight any more. This can come as a disheartening thing for you and put you off track. You were having continuous success with your weight loss programme and were progressing steadily to your weight goal, only to find yourself in what is called the weight loss plateau. The really comprehensive weight loss programmes beat weight loss plateau by proper planning and make sure that there are certain changes that keep the weight loss unabated.


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Tips to Beat Weight Loss Plateau

  • Move to higher rep range in your workout – In each of your workouts, there should be an endeavour to move to higher ranges of reps. If 6-8 reps is your usual workout, move to 12 reps after 3 weeks. You are advised not to go beyond 12 but do make sure that you are moving to the higher reps range. The different type of stress on your muscle tissues helps you beat weight loss plateau.
  • Check your weight loss diary – Your weight loss journal would contain information about the habits you have fallen into. For example if you have broccoli every day for lunch and walk for an hour at moderate speed, these two habits may have already served their purpose of helping you lose weight. You will need to bring yourself out of the comfort level that any such habitual activities bring about.
  • Add a new exercise every week – If you keep on adding one new workout to your weight loss programme every week, it would ensure consistent weight loss. This is very helpful because your muscles are challenged from a different angle and increase the stress that you experience. For example if you switch from leg press to lunges, it would not be a drastic change with regards to intensity of workout or the muscles that get exercised, but just that the pressure would be from a different angle. Repeatedly performing the same exercise makes your body adjust to the stress, after which the result of weight loss are not as good.


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  • Rest enough to take on added strain of increased workout – When working out, a point comes when you can no longer push that barrier anymore. This is because your body has not recovered yet to take on the additional strain of more reps or greater weights. At least one day of complete rest is a must every week to allow your body to take the strains of workout on the rest of the days.


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