Beat mucky roads with pampered feet

Updated at: Jan 11, 2011
Beat mucky roads with pampered feet

Malini Banerjee surrendered her feet to hungry fish, before getting them wrapped in sea minerals

Malini Banerjee
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Malini BanerjeePublished at: Jan 11, 2011

pampered feetMalini Banerjee surrendered her feet to hungry fish, before getting them wrapped in sea minerals


No matter where you live and what automobile you choose to get around the city,  you are going to end up getting your feet dirty in the rains.


And that's perhaps what makes the monsoon the best time to take out an hour to pamper your feet with a pedicure.


Mumbai's latest spa therapy, the Marine Therapy package is just for you.


An attendant wipes my feet after the fish therapy.


This one includes a marine body scrub, a Dr Fish Therapy, and a marine foot soak. Since we didn't have time for the hour-long scrub, we went for the pedicure.


First step, Dr Fish therapy. Unique as it sounds, it might  remind you of Piranha, 1978. Not the best image to have in mind before you dip your feet into a tank full of little, wriggly black fish.


"We've kept the slot empty for you. So you will actually be their first meal of the day," grinned the attendant. Gulp!


After a bit of hesitating, I allowed the attendant to dip her hand into the tank to distract the fish as I managed to dip my feet in. I needn't have worried. It felt mildly ticklish and more like a gentle vibration.


Fifteen minutes of fish therapy later, my feet emerged visibly softer and free of dead skin. I was ready for a foot soak.


My feet were soaked in warm water sprinkled with rose petals and a mild antiseptic.


A good half an hour of thorough scrubbing with a pumice stone, and more than three kinds of foot filing sessions later, a delicate marine spa scrub was applied. The final frontier a cooling mint and mineral foot pack.


A thorough massage with mineral cream and antiseptic mist, came next, and I was ready for some pretty polish.


Voila! My feet didn't quite look like they were my own! If a pedicure feels so good, we wonder what the body scrub must be like.



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