Be Attractive, Be Desirable

Updated at: Jan 27, 2013
Be Attractive, Be Desirable

Don’t be a plain Jane or average Joe anymore, as a new study has shown that people who are confident and attractive are socially more accesptable and desirable! Get your game on and shine!

Subhasish Dutta
LatestWritten by: Subhasish DuttaPublished at: Dec 27, 2012

Be Attractive Be Desirable


A research has shown that attractive people with confidence are socially more desirable than their less attractive counterparts. It has indeed proved a common stereotype, i.e., “what is beautiful is good”.


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Done at the Open and Hebrew University, Jerusalem, the research has described that character traits like values and confidence might be related to the physical properties of a person and they are more likely to be judged as more desirable and attractive.

The research was conducted on 118 university students to serve as targets and judges. The targets completed surveys about their values and traits. It was found that the women who were rated attractive are more likely to value achievements and perceived as socially more desirable.

The researchers, Lihi Segal-Caspi and Sonia Roccas has also claimed that outside observers would find attractive women to be more agreeable, extraverted, reliable, open to experiences, and emotionally stable than less attractive women.


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