Baths and showers that actually heal

Updated at: Mar 23, 2017
Baths and showers that actually heal

Baths and showers can bring relief to various body discomforts. Today spas and wellness clubs offer different type of healing baths and showers that have various health benefits.

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Water has been extensively used for remedial purpose, both internally and externally. Water baths and showers is an external healing techniques. They help in proper blood circulation and eliminate toxic matter from the body. There are several types of baths and showers that have their specific set of benefits.


Immersion bath or full bath


Immersion bath is taken in bath tub that hass connection of both hot and cold water. It is taken in hot, cold and neutral temperature of different intensity.

  • Cold immersion bath is given at the temperature of 10⁰ C to 23⁰ C. Before the bath, cold pack is applied and rubbed on a the client's body. After bath the person has to be immediately dried and wrapped in a blanket. This bath must not be given to very young or old people. Cold immersion bath must not be given to the people suffering from inflammation of uterus or ovaries, enteritis and gastritis.
  • Hot immersion bath is tken by people when the temperature of water is between 36⁰ C to 40⁰C . It gives relief from joint pain, muscle pains, colic, chronic Rheumatism, urinary stones and gall bladder stones.
  • Neutral immersion bath is given at a temperature ranging from 26⁰ C to 28⁰ C. This bath brings relief to diseases related to brain, arthritis, spinal cord, meningitis and rheumatism.


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Medicated tub bath

It is a therapeutic bath in which specific medicines are dispersed in bath tub. Medicated bath is usually used to treat skin disorders or rheumatism.


Sitz bath

In sitz bath pelvic region is immersed in warm water that can be hot, cold or neutral. This bath can be taken in small tub or a usual bath tub but taking bath in sitz bathtub is more hygienic. Sitz bath reduces inflammation by improving blood circulation amongst the internal organs of pelvis and abdomen. This bath is known to work for digestive diseases, menstrual problems, pile, constipation and haemorrhoids.


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A few showers that can offer health benefits are listed below:


Scottish shower

Scottish shower is a therapeutic water intervention offered by many wellness centers across the globe. Hot and cold water is alternatively sprayed on the person. Scottish shower is considered to be the most soothing shower as it relives tension and improve blood circulation and strenghthens the epidermis.


Turkish Hammam

Turkish hammams are like sauna or steam bath. The person is treated with water stream to relieve from pain and stress. Beside this it also rejuvenates senses and improves blood circulation.

Vichy shower

In vichy shower large quantity of water is poured through five to six showers, while the person lies in a wet shallow bed. It is known as combination of hydrotherapy, chromo therapy and aromatherapy that relaxes body by balancing and relaxing immune system.


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