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Balancing Parenting with Working at Home

Updated at: Jul 23, 2012
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Written by: Sharanya ManolaPublished at: Jul 23, 2012
Balancing Parenting with Working at Home

Parenting is a demanding job and if you are a work at home parent, it is even more difficult because you will have to divide time efficiently without making your child feel neglected. Read about a few ways that will help you balance pareting and w

Balancing Parenting with Working at Home

A major challenge for those who work from home is balancing work and children. It is often said that such parents always try to strive for a balance between work and parenting. While some may handle the pressure effective there are those who might find it enormously difficult. Discussed in detail are a few tips that will help you balance work and parenting.


Make a Schedule


If you make a schedule for your child he/she will cooperate with you and not cause hindrance in your work. Make your little one get use to meal times and nap-schedule so that you can work without any interruptions. Remember to be consistent with the schedule because that’s very important if you have to balance your work with parenting.


Complete Work when they are Asleep

While your baby is sleeping you can have most of your work done. Since babies sleep during the day-time you can plan your work and meet deadlines. Follow the schedule religiously so that the information is relayed to the child that your work is important to you.


Hire a Nanny


You can also hire a nanny who could take your child out for walks or play with her/him. This way your child will have a company and would not feel neglected. Make sure you also take out time to spend some quality time with your kid. You can go out in the park in the evenings and have fun.


Set Outdoor Activity Time


You may also ask the nanny to take your child for a walk so that you can work I peace. You may want to sit with her and tell her about the interesting activities.  Set up separate office space. This way you can concentrate on your work because it would give you a sense of actual work-space.


Discuss your Schedule


If you have a teenaged son/daughter you could explain them the importance of your work and discuss your schedule with them. If they have any questions you must promptly answer them patiently. After all they too want your attention in formative years of their lives.  This will help you balance parenting your kid along with work.


Involve them inHousehold Work


Assign some chores to your child. Get them involved in household work even if it is cleaning the table or washing dishes. Working at home is a team effort and effective communication can make it possible.

Work Part-time


If you are working part-time, its way better for you. This not only minimizes the stress levels but also make sure you spend quality time with your children.


Join Work-at-home Parents Group


Talk to other parents who are working from home. Share your experiences and who knows you might pick up some valuable tips to balance parenting with work.


Keep Toys at Work Station


If your toddler insists he being with you while you’re working you could as well look at keeping some toys in your work station. This will keep your kid occupied and will let you play quietly and safely at least in close proximity.


Hope you have fun time working at home and are able to balance work and kids with the help of the tips above.


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