Easy Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Updated at: Jun 10, 2018
Easy Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief Exercises : Here are few easy methods of relief from back pain is with the help of exercises.

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PainWritten by: Tilottama ChatterjeePublished at: Jun 10, 2018

Back pain problems are amongst the most common medical conditions faced by millions. Fortunately, they are treatable, especially if the causes are diagnosed. Some of the common causes are muscle strain, ruptured disc, constricted spinal canal and osteoporosis. Most people recover without medication or surgery by not straining the spine, using ice packs or hot water bottles to ease the pain. An easy method of relief from back pain is with the help of exercises; some simple examples follow:

Exercise1: Lying on the back

Lie with your back on the floor with pillows under your head. Place a chair close enough to enable you to bend your knees and rest them on the seat of the chair. This takes pressure off the back.

Exercise 2: Bending from a chair

Sit on a chair and lean forward to stretch, placing the palms on the feet, while keeping the head down and the neck relaxed. Hold this position for ten to thirty seconds. Then use your hands to push yourself upright. This exercise is to be repeated thrice at a stretch.

Exercise 3: Cat bend

Begin this exercise by getting down on the hands and knees. Arch the upper back upwards, put your head down and contract your stomach muscles. This position should be held for five seconds. Continue by raising your head and dropping your back to the original position, taking care that the pelvis is not pushed forward to avoid a swayback. This position should be held for fifteen seconds and repeated three times at one go.

Exercise 4: Single knee to chest

Lie flat on your back, then raise and pull your right knee forward towards your chest using your hands. Hold this position for ten seconds. This knee should then be put back on to the floor. Next, the left knee should be pulled forward to the chest in the same manner and held in that position; following this the legs are lowered. This exercise should be repeated thrice on each side.

Exercise 5: Mid back stretch

In this exercise the person should stand upright with hands on the hips, and knees shoulder width apart. Following this, twist from the waist towards the right and turn your neck in the same direction as far as you can manage with comfort. Hold for ten seconds while breathing normally. Next do the exact opposite, this time twisting from the waist towards the left.

Tips for people suffering from back pain

  • When lifting heavy objects, do not lift by bending over, instead, bend the hips and squat
  • Lift heavy objects by keeping the back straight and holding the object close to the body
  • Do not twist the body while lifting
  • Push rather than pull while moving a heavy object
  • If you  go for a long car journey or sit at a desk for extended lengths of time, try and remember to consciously take breaks and stretch
  • Keep in mind that flat soles with low heels help in  aavoiding back pain

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