Babymoon Benefits: Vacationing Before Having A Baby Is Essential To Rekindle Live In A Marriage

Updated at: Oct 11, 2019
Babymoon Benefits: Vacationing Before Having A Baby Is Essential To Rekindle Live In A Marriage

Babymooning is fast gaining popularity among couples where pregnant couples plan a vacation. However, there is a right way to plan such trips, keeping the safety of the pregnant women in mind

Vani Malik
MarriageWritten by: Vani MalikPublished at: Oct 11, 2019

The trend of going for a babymoon before the arrival of child has become a big hit these days. Not only celebrities in large numbers but others are also embracing this trend. Still a new trend on the block, a lot of us wonder what is a babymoon. This concept is fast-gaining prominence where couples plan a vacation in the pregnancy phase as a chance to spend time with the spouse, knowing that the baby's arrival will reduce the chances of them spending time alone.

Another Name To Honeymoon

After the honeymoon, the trend of a babymoon is the new thing. The number of couples who are going out for a holiday during pregnancy is increasing rapidly. Although it is a honeymoon only, but slightly different. Before the delivery of the baby, such trips are primarily planned to spend quality time with spouse to rekindle love in the relationship. However, planning such trips can be tricky as several factors need to be kept in mind. Following are some examples:

  • Any doctor visit during the trip
  • The health of the pregnant lady
  • The proximity of medical facilities where you would be lodging
  • To choose a destination with an appropriate temperature

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Relationship: Babymooning for Couples

While expecting a baby, there is a gamut of emotions that emerge between a couple. This is a time when the couple can expect to get some time together as it all changes after the arrival of the baby. An infant requires the utmost care and attention of the mother. In such cases, there are chances of tension or misconception to arise in a marriage. Babymoon adds a zing to the relationship of expecting parents. Also, it can be taken as the last much-required trip for just the two of you to deepen your relationship.

When To Plan A Babymoon?

Perfect timing for a babymoon is considered to be between 18 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. Apart from this, you can go on a babymoon in the mid-pregnancy period. While going on a babymoon, keep in mind that keep in mind the delivery date is far away from your time of travel. Many airlines do not allow pregnant women due to pregnancy as passengers due to safety reasons. Speak to the airline well in advance about the extra care that can be provided to the expecting mother in terms of availability of wheelchair, early clearance, easy check-in etc.

Choose the Destination Wisely

Determine the destination before going on a babymoon. Keep in mind that destination should be such that your pregnant wife does not have to walk much, not climb, or have little medical facilities around. If you are planning to drive down for your babymoon, be extremely careful while driving. Consult a doctor to know the dos and dont's while travelling by road in the mid of the pregnancy. Also, keep in mind that the journey should not be more than 9-10 hours. Pregnant woman sitting in one place for too long is also a cause of trouble and can restrict oxygen flow to the baby.

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Consult A Doctor

Consult your doctor while going on a babymoon. Where you are going for a babymoon, make sure that there is proper arrangement of a doctor nearby. Always carry medicines and medical kits for emergency. Do not give too much stress to the body in the process of moving around; otherwise, it can affect your baby also.

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