Baby Naming Tips

Baby Names - Picking your baby's name is not always easy. The experience ranges from joyful, to emotional, to sometimes frustrating. We give you some handy baby naming tips to make it easier for you.

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Baby NamesWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: May 25, 2011
Updated at: Jun 24, 2014
Baby Naming Tips

Well, how many times have we ourselves wondered how a certain name would have been “perfect” for us and that our present name says nothing about us as an individual?  Exactly!

baby naming tips

Selecting the ‘perfect’ name for your child


This is how it feels when it comes to naming your child, actually may be even tougher! You would like everything regarding your child to be “perfect” and naming your child tops the list after all it will last for a lifetime. You may want suggestions from friends and families while you and your partner are going through various books to pick the right name. We give you some handy tips to make it easier for you to choose your baby names:

  • Choose a name which sounds good to your ears. Each name has a different sound to it; some names are melodious to hear while some are abrupt and harsh. Your child’s name will be called out by you many times in your lifetime, choose one which will not lose its specialty or which you will not tire out from hearing overtime. It should be pleasing to hear for both the parents and child.
  • Choose a name which is easy to pronounce. Some names are easy to roll from your tongue while some need “tongue acrobatics” to be pronounced!
  • Choose a name which is compatible with the last name. A shorter first name works well with a longer last name and vice versa. Make sure the first and last name do not rhyme as it kills the essence of a name. The last alphabet of the first name should not be the same as the first letter of the last name (Shivani Indhuja). Names structured like this tend to “run together” and are not clear.
  • Choose a name which will suit your baby when he/she grows to be an adult. A name can be made fun of during growing years and adulthood too. People tend to associate images with names; a “baby-sounding” name might not be taken seriously or be made fun of.
  • Remember unique names are great as they have an exclusive quality about them and are bound to stand out. But certain unique names might be too complex for people to understand or pronounce which can mean your child will be explaining his name to everyone he meets. Such discussions on a name would like to be avoided by your child.
  • Choose a name with meaning. Keeping random names with no meanings might not be a good idea as people tend to ask children what their name signifies and your kid might be left puzzled. A name should have a meaning for the child to identify with and be proud of it.
  • “Customizing” name of your child by combining the parent’s name in different ratios is a trend seen nowadays. Make sure it sounds good and does not seem a “hybrid” or a confusing name as your child may end up correcting the spelling and pronunciation of people.
  • Choose a name which will not be a teasing or bullying subject as children can make names shorter or rhyme them with something nasty to make fun of your child.
  • If you are having twins or multiples make sure the names are different as well as complement each other. Do not name your twins or a multiples on a theme like flower names, names of stars and so on.
  • Pick a name with positive associations and good vibes. Call it aloud many times to see whether it sounds right.

It can be quite confusing to pick a name for your child especially as every parent likes to have a special and unique name. You may get creative with names but remember to “try on” the name on yourself first to know how it feels. Also, ask your close friends and family whose taste matches to yours, to give you feedback on the names that you have chosen.


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