Tamil Baby Names with Meanings

A with Meanings
NameMeaning Gender Religion
SabeenCool breeze of the morning GirlMuslim
MakhtoonahName of a singer and a beautiful lady of the past GirlMuslim
JyothishmathiGoddess Durga GirlHindu
JyotirmoyeeLustrous GirlHindu
JyotibalaSplendour GirlHindu
JyotishmatiLustrous GirlHindu
JulianaYouthful GirlMuslim
JuliaYouthful GirlHindu
JumaanaSilver pearl GirlHindu
JaneThe Lord is Gracious GirlHindu
JanaanHeart or soul GirlHindu
JanhaviRiver Ganga GirlHindu
JasmitFamed GirlHindu
JasodaMother of Lord krishna GirlHindu
JasodharaMother of Lord Buddha GirlHindu
JasweerVictorious GirlHindu
JayamalaGarland of victory GirlHindu
JayantikaGoddess Durga, Parvati GirlHindu
JayashreeThe goddess of victory GirlHindu
JayavardhiniGoddess who increases victory GirlHindu
JilpaLife giving GirlHindu
JigyaCuriosity to know GirlHindu
JignasaAcademic Curiosity GirlHindu
JowakiA firefly GirlHindu
JhinukOyster GirlHindu
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