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Muslim Baby Names Starting With W with Meanings

A with Meanings
WaabisahName of a distinguished Sahabi (RA) GirlMuslim
WaahibahGiver, GenerousBoyMuslim
WaahidOne, Without Partner, UniqueBoyMuslim
WaahidaOne, Alone, Unique GirlMuslim
WaahidahOne, unique GirlMuslim
WaailOne Who Returns For ShelterBoyMuslim
WaajidaOne Whose Wants are Satisfied, WealthyBoyMuslim
WaajidahOne who acheives her goals in life, loved, beloved GirlMuslim
WaaliThe Governor, He Who DirectsBoyMuslim
WaaliyahThe female Governor, she who directs, manages, conducts, governs, measures GirlMuslim
WaaqifAcquainted, Aware of, ExperiencedBoyMuslim
WaaridComing, Arriving, ApproachingBoyMuslim
WaarithAn Heir, A Master, A LordBoyMuslim
Waarithah(Waarisah) An heir, a master, a lord, an owner, a successor GirlMuslim
WaaseyCapacious, Wide, AmpleBoyMuslim
WaasilJoined, ConnectedBoyMuslim
WaasilahJoining, ConnectingBoyMuslim
Waasiqconfident, sure, strongBoyMuslim
WaasiqaConfident, Sure, CertainGirlMuslim
WaathiqFirm, Binding, ConfidentBoyMuslim

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