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Muslim Baby Names Starting With P with Meanings

A with Meanings
PakeezahPure GirlMuslim
PakiA WitnessBoyMuslim
PakizaPure, chaste, polite, nice GirlMuslim
PalwashaLight Ray of Moon GirlMuslim
PamirHelper, Constant PerfectBoyMuslim
PanizSugar GirlMuslim
PanraLeaf GirlMuslim
PardajSplendour GirlMuslim
PareerouHaving a face like a fairy GirlMuslim
ParghundaCotton GirlMuslim
PariFairy, Fairy like beautiful GirlMuslim
Pari bibaDaughter of Shaistah Khan GirlMuslim
ParizadOf divine origin GirlMuslim
ParmidaPrincess GirlMuslim
ParsaChaste, Devout, Pious GirlMuslim
Parvezvictorious, fortunate, happyBoyMuslim
ParweenCluster of small stars,brilliant group of persons or things GirlMuslim
Pashalord, honorific titleBoyMuslim
PashminaWoollen type of cloth GirlMuslim
PatasaSort of Candy GirlMuslim

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