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Muslim Baby Names Starting With M with Meanings

A with Meanings
MaahnoorGlow of Moon GirlMuslim
Maajidglorious, nobleBoyMuslim
MaajidaGlorious, NobleGirlMuslim
MaaliNoble things GirlMuslim
Maalikowner, proprietor, masterBoyMuslim
MaassamaA noble hearted, Generous lady GirlMuslim
Mabrukblessed, prosperousBoyMuslim
MabrukaBlessed, Prosperous GirlMuslim
MadaniyahCivilised, cultured GirlMuslim
MadhatPraise GirlMuslim
MadhulataSweet creeper GirlMuslim
MadihahPraiseworthy GirlMuslim
MahasinBeauty, CharmGirlMuslim
MahbasahA narrator of Hadith GirlMuslim
Mahbubdear, belovedBoyMuslim
MahbubaDear, Beloved, SweetheartGirlMuslim
MahbubahBeloved GirlMuslim
MahdiyaRight guidedGirlMuslim
Mahfuzsafeguarded, well-protectedBoyMuslim
MahfuzaSafeguarded, Well protectedGirlMuslim
MahfuzahThe protected one GirlMuslim
Mahibmajestic, dignified, magnificentBoyMuslim
MahibaMajestic, Dignified, Magnificent GirlMuslim
MahibahNoble, respected GirlMuslim

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