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Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With Z with Meanings

A with Meanings
ZaafiraVictorious, Successful GirlMuslim
ZaahiraBright, Brilliant, Shining, LuminousGirlMuslim
ZaahirahGuest GirlMuslim
ZaaidaIncreasing, Exceeding, Excessive, GrowingGirlMuslim
ZaainBeauty GirlMuslim
ZaamatPower, Authority, Command, Glory, Honour GirlMuslim
ZaaminahOne who stands surety for another one who helps GirlMuslim
ZaaraBeautiful Flower GirlMuslim
ZabanaFlame (of a candle) GirlMuslim
ZabeenFair And Beautiful GirlMuslim
ZabiaLike Deer GirlMuslim
ZabreenDominant, exalted, upright GirlMuslim
ZabyaFemale gazelleGirlMuslim
ZaeemahVictorious GirlMuslim
ZafeeraOne who is a source of success, a successful lady GirlMuslim
ZafeerahVictorious, successful GirlMuslim
ZafiraVictorious, Triumphant, WinnerGirlMuslim
ZafirahVictorious, successful GirlMuslim
ZagheeghatAbundance, Affluence, Multitude GirlMuslim
ZahaaRadiance, Brilliance GirlMuslim
ZahabGold GirlMuslim
ZahabiaGolden, precious GirlMuslim
ZahabiyaGold GirlMuslim
ZaharaFlower, beauty, star GirlMuslim
ZahbiaBeautiful GirlMuslim

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