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Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With S with Meanings

A with Meanings
SaabihaComing or Arriving in the morning GirlMuslim
SaabiraPatient, TolerantGirlMuslim
SaadiqaTrue, Truthful, Honest GirlMuslim
SaafiaPure, Clear, CrystalGirlMuslim
SaaidaBranch, Tributary, Affluent GirlMuslim
SaaimaSafe, Secure, PerfectGirlMuslim
SaalehaFlower GirlMuslim
SaalimaSafe, Secure, PerfectGirlMuslim
SabeenCool breeze of the morning GirlMuslim
SabeenaFrom The Name Sabine An Italian Culture GirlMuslim
SabihaBeautiful GirlMuslim
SabinaFlower GirlMuslim
SabirahPatient, perseverant GirlMuslim
SabuhiMorning Star GirlMuslim
SadiahGood luck GirlMuslim
SadiqahTruthful, sincere GirlMuslim
SaeedaHappy, LuckyGirlMuslim
SaeedahFortunate, Auspicious GirlMuslim
SafeerahMessenger, Ambassador GirlMuslim
SaffiyaBest freind GirlMuslim
SafiaChaste GirlMuslim
SafiyaPure, Sincere and honest friendGirlMuslim
SafwanaA Shining Star, Rock GirlMuslim
SagheerahShort GirlMuslim
SahibaThe Lady GirlMuslim

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