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Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With Q with Meanings

A with Meanings
QaabilahCapable Woman,Midwife GirlMuslim
QaariaReciter (of the Holy Quran) GirlMuslim
QabalahResponsibility GirlMuslim
QabilaAble, wise GirlMuslim
QabilahConsenting GirlMuslim
QaboolAccepted GirlMuslim
QadiraPowerful, able GirlMuslim
QadrFate, destiny GirlMuslim
QadriyahTo believe in Gods will GirlMuslim
QahiraOverpowering, victorious GirlMuslim
QaifaEstimater GirlMuslim
QailahOne who speaks GirlMuslim
QaimaBestower GirlMuslim
QamarFull moon GirlMuslim
QamaraThe moon GirlMuslim
Qamar jahanThe moon of the world GirlMuslim
Qamar JahanThe moon of the world GirlMuslim
Qamarun nisaMoon of the women GirlMuslim
Qamarun NisaMoon of the women GirlMuslim
QamayrShe was a narrator of Hadith GirlMuslim
QameerWife of Masrooq bin al-Ajda GirlMuslim
QamraMoonlight, BrightGirlMuslim
QanaatPatience GirlMuslim
QaniahContended GirlMuslim
QantaraSmall bridge GirlMuslim

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