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Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With N with Meanings

A with Meanings
NaabihaNoble, Famous, EminentGirlMuslim
NaaimaDelicate, Soft, NaimaGirlMuslim
NaajiaSaved, LiberatedGirlMuslim
NaasimaLeader GirlMuslim
NaazGlory, Pride, EleganceGirlMuslim
NaazneenBeautiful GirlMuslim
NabaGreat News GirlMuslim
NabawiyyaProphetic GirlMuslim
NabeehaIntelligent GirlMuslim
NabeelaNoble GirlMuslim
NabeelahNoble GirlMuslim
NabihaEminent, noble, alert, intelligent GirlMuslim
NabilaNoble, HighbornGirlMuslim
NabilahNoble, magnanimous GirlMuslim
NadaaDew, Generosity, LiberalityGirlMuslim
NadheemaIntimate friend GirlMuslim
NadiaMoist, Damp, TenderGirlMuslim
NadidahEqual, rival GirlMuslim
NadimaIntimate Friend, CompanionGirlMuslim
NadimahFriend GirlMuslim
NadiraSon of emperor Shah JahanGirlMuslim
NadiraRare, ExtraordinaryGirlMuslim
NadiyaBlack GirlMuslim
NadiyahAnnouncement GirlMuslim
NadraRadiance, BrightnessGirlMuslim

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