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Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With L with Meanings

A with Meanings
LabbaanahMilk GirlMuslim
LabeebaEloquent,Intelligent GirlMuslim
LabeeqaIntelligent, Active, Adorned, Refined GirlMuslim
LabibahSensible, intelligent GirlMuslim
LafizaAs deep as a sea GirlMuslim
LahifaHelper GirlMuslim
LaihaGlittering GirlMuslim
LaiqaWorthy, deserving, elegant GirlMuslim
LakhshaGlittering GirlMuslim
LakhtaEar Ring GirlMuslim
LalzariLal - Ruby, Zar - Golden GirlMuslim
LamaDarkness of lips GirlMuslim
LamahBrilliancy GirlMuslim
LambaFlame GirlMuslim
LameesPure silk GirlMuslim
LamiaBrilliant, lustrous GirlMuslim
LamiahShine GirlMuslim
LaminaBrilliant, Lustrous, Shining, RadiantGirlMuslim
LamisaSoft to touch GirlMuslim
LamisahSoft to the touch GirlMuslim
LamiyaWith beautiful curls GirlMuslim
LanikaThe Best GirlMuslim
LarifaBeautiful And Intelligent Girl GirlMuslim
LarisaCheerful, Light-Hearted GirlMuslim

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