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Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With K with Meanings

A with Meanings
KabshahShe was a companion GirlMuslim
KadshahShe was a companion GirlMuslim
KaheelaLabour, triumph, trial GirlMuslim
KaheeshaThis was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa GirlMuslim
KaifA state of joy GirlMuslim
KaifiyaEcstatic, mirghful, gayhooppy GirlMuslim
KainaatUniverse GirlMuslim
KaishoriGoddess Parvati GirlMuslim
KakuliCrest GirlMuslim
KalaiArasiQueen of Arts GirlMuslim
KaleemahSpeaker GirlMuslim
KamaliyahPerfection GirlMuslim
KamilaPerfect, Complete, GenuineGirlMuslim
KamilahPerfect, complete GirlMuslim
KaneezSlave GirlMuslim
KaneezahFirm (of flish) GirlMuslim
KanimozhiLovable GirlMuslim
KanizFemale servant, VirginGirlMuslim
KanvalFlower GirlMuslim
KanzTreasure GirlMuslim
KanzahTreasure GirlMuslim
KarabiA Flower GirlMuslim
KardawaiyahA ious woman GirlMuslim
KardawiyahA pious woman GirlMuslim
KareemaGenerous, Noble GirlMuslim

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