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Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With J with Meanings

A with Meanings
JaanLife GirlMuslim
JabarahA bracelet GirlMuslim
JabeenForehead GirlMuslim
JabiraAgree GirlMuslim
JabirahComforter, consoler GirlMuslim
JabrayahLove, respect GirlMuslim
JadidaNew, PristineGirlMuslim
JadwaGift, present GirlMuslim
JahaanLand GirlMuslim
Jahan aaraAdornment of the world GirlMuslim
Jahan AaraAdornment of the world GirlMuslim
JahanaraQueen of the world GirlMuslim
Jahan AraAdorning the world GirlMuslim
Jahan-Ara(Persian) One who adorns the world GirlMuslim
Jahan KhatoonShe was a Persian poet GirlMuslim
JahdamahShe was a female companion of the Prophet (SAW) GirlMuslim
Jaheellake GirlMuslim
JahidaHelps the vulnarable GirlMuslim
JahmyyllahBeautiful one GirlMuslim
JaiyanaStrength GirlMuslim
JalaBringing to light, Shining GirlMuslim
JaleelahDignified GirlMuslim
JaleesahCompanion GirlMuslim
JalilaGreat, Exalted, MagnificentGirlMuslim

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